How can I help?

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but it’s actually not the simplest process to select the most appropriate forum.

Anyway, given the unprecedented situation with Covid-19 and economies (and stock markets) facing negative pressures from every angle, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread for those who wanted to find an avenue to contribute to their local community.

To kick things off, I’m an accounting consultant who deals with process re-engineering and risk management.


thanks @tempogain for redirecting this to the correct forum

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You do realize that as ARC (not APRC) holders, most foreigners not allowed to moonlight, volunteer, whatever you might call it, aside from his/her/ze stated work listed in the ARC, right?


ARC holders might not be allowed to be organizers, but we are allowed to volunteer.


Best thing you can do is pick a different bar each night of the week and help out by getting drunk there.

And then at the weekend pick a resort and go and get drunk there. hic


I’m mystified as to what kind of response you’re looking for here. What local communities? In Taiwan? Or worldwide? I don’t think that local communities in Taiwan need more contributions than usual.

If you qualify you can donate blood. There is a shortage in donations due to covid-19 fears.


Sorry, perhaps the initial post wasn’t clear.

Some people make monetary donations, some people volunteer their time. Some might want to volunteer their professional expertise on a pro bono basis but don’t quite know where to do so.

An obvious example might be English teachers wanting to offer free lessons to the underprivileged.

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That’s a good point, thanks for bringing that up.

Can tourists volunteer while holidaying in Taiwan?

I have some experience to share as a volunteer if I’m travelling there.

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I thought we were not. When did this change?

need an APRC for this :frowning:

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What about story book reading at libraries and primary schools?

I’d love to do this! Reading is the foundation of an education.

If anyone knows where I can do it please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance!

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Hmmm… If anyone needs their mainboard design Layout reviewed, I’m your man. Not sure how helpful this is, though :idunno:

I’d do this pro-bono for anything non-commercial that helps the community here in Taiwan. Any open hardware projects that deal with Covid-19?


That sounds pretty cool, I’d be up for that as well!

Thank you @tando, I learnt something new today.


I post here on a semi-regular basis but have, thus far, refused compensation.