How can I make a little money writing? What are the rules?


I often write entertaining essays, worksheets and illustrated technical guides for my facebook page, students and computer illiterate friends respectively. They’re not earth shattering but they are mildly entertaining and some are can be considered informative.

I might want to write about a weird take on some contemporary news, cultural differences, a local historical site or even some strange snacks but delicious snacks that are still unknown to the foreigner here.
The trouble is, I don’t know who to submit these articles or essays to.

In the case of the strange snack delicacy, I was thinking that I could submit it to a publication like Compas but I don’t think they pay for stories. Or should I try to approach the manufacturer of this traditional snack with some English advertising copy hoping that they would include a little English blurb in their advertising. How much should I charge for that $1000 NT? $500? 10NT?

Is there a place I could submit my essays or articles that I use to teach English? Do the English Learning Magazines found in the bookstores or Carrefour take story ideas or do they only use work from their own in house writers? If they accept submissions, will they accept the original idea then give the submitter a style guide help the writer meet their format?
What about my computer tutorials? I’m not a writer or a computer expert but I became pretty competent at computers because I use this technology to help me with my server dyslexia. Because certain technologies helped me so much, I become sort of a computer evangelist and can help people in other fields. For example, I have been able to teach my students and friends how to use the Google accessibility tools to aid in voice translation.
I don’t want to say too much because still now, my friends say that they never thought of using their phones in this way and were very happy. I’ve created illustrated tools for them to assist them in configuring their OS as well. The only trouble is, I don’t get any money for it. There must be a way an occasional writer can make a few kuai here.
Again. I am not a great writer. In fact I have quite a few disabilities blocking my way, but the ideas I think are pretty good and I could use a break or some good advice.


I’ve been listening to Glenn Liebowitz’s Write With Impact podcast. I recommend it. It seems to address some of what you have raised. And he happens to live in Taiwan, too


You’re a permanent resident, right? If not, there’s the work permit problem, as discussed in several other threads. :cry:

The good news is, written articles are in the list of “gaofei” items in the Income Tax Act that are tax-free for the first $180,000 per year.