How can I play mp3 example in backround/not leave page?

This site contains Chinese Poems and stories. Next to each line is an embedded MP3 icon. In the past (a year or so ago) I was able to click on the embedded icon on a language learning page and the file would play in the background.

Now, I click on the icon, it navigates me to another page that contains my media player. When I navigate back, the audio stops (of course). What has changed? What am I doing wrong? How can I get it to work. I don’t think the page was designed for this to happen. There is an embedded icon after every line in the poem.
Here’s the website: … tm/a01.htm
I’m running Firefox. I have real player and windows media player available.

Right click on the button for the music file.
“Open link in new tab”

That’s a cool site.

[quote=“cranky laowai”]Right click on the button for the music file.
“Open link in new tab”[/quote]

Thanks, that suggestion sure makes using that page easier. It’s actually been a long time since I’ve used that type of site. Don’t you guys remember a long time ago, maybe in Netscape, you’d just click on that little icon, the sound would play within the browser and disappear when through. The files were wav or aaf some strange unix file format.

Is there a way to get this one click and forget option on Firefox or Explorer? Firefox is more friendly… though.