How can the post not know a live cat is in a box?


They (post or express company if like Black Cat service or DHL ect) should have huge fine or reprimanded (fired or prison time) for at the least not knowing this? How can not know it’s a live cat the in box?


What a beautiful looking kitty cat. Feel bad for it going through the post lol.


I think being fired or prisoned is too much/unteasonable punishment for that.


A $60,000 fine has some teeth in it.


Would imagine it will result in many more people simply abandoning pets on the street instead of handing them in and risking a fine. Half of his fine was due to not having a vaccination and could apply to anyone handing in. The other half was for “abandonment” which seems odd as his intentions were apparently good.



Schrodinger predicted this. He had been warning us all along!


Absolutely disgusting, but yeah, not the worst. Most people just dump the unwanted pets in teh mountains. “But we did not kill them”. No you are doing something worse.

This person did not want the hassle of giving the pet to the shelter. I think if shelters made it easier for people to get rid of their pets, they would overflow, as people just dump one,… and get another one.

That is why teh associations try not to disclose th address of the shelters, as people just drive by and dump pets. They already do this in parks, mountain and rural areas.

This time of the year is the worse, as people find it too troublesome to travel or board their pets. Just get rid of it. Or they leave them in unsecured locations and/or travel with them in unsuitable containers. Hence, pets get lost.

If you have a bit more of cash surplus thsi year, please consider adopting instead of buying, as the conditions in pet mills are getting worse. If you can donate time or money or old clothes, Mary´s Doggies, Taiwan ACT, Taiwan SPCA, Taiwan Rescue Animals, Animals Taiwan, etc. all will welcome a hand.


Alerted by the shelter, the office said it contacted Yang, who admitted to abandoning the cat because it has restricted mobility and his family is too busy to take care of it.

The owner said they tried to treat the cat’s condition with methods such as acupuncture, but nothing worked, the office said.

Taiwan News has more details that give us the complete picture:

The New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office began an investigation, and after reviewing surveillance camera footage, they were able to identify the owner as a 33-year-old man surnamed Yang (楊). Yang confessed to authorities that he had decided to get rid of the cat because of mobility problems it suffered from.

Yang said that the cat, a Scottish fold, had injured its hind leg more than a year ago, and

despite acupuncture and moxibustion therapy

, the cat’s mobility did not improve.

This is why we tell people NOT to buy fancy breeds. Breeders are not regulated in Taiwan, most -like 99%- are not licensed or accepted internationally because of excessive inbreeding and other unprofessional -inhuman rather- practice sthat result in a lot of pets with deformities or chronic conditions. Here is one case. The guy probably paid 5000 to 10000 NTD for a luxury item -the cat- that broke down and the cost of repair was beyond his means… or will. he will buy another one, probably from the same seller…


Now comes to light a case of an inspired soul who used an Uber to deliver 3 unwanted Persian cats to the shelter. 2 cats had already lost their eyes due to untreated infection.

Yep, owner was fined… however, since she runs a breeding business of this kind of cats, which sell from 20 to 40k, it is not much of a punishment. She was fiend for abandoning the kittens.


Seems like business where cats are not pets but like rotten apple in the market, can sell it dump it


Even though it’s completely irrelevant, that line was apparently just too good to edit out.

At least the cat survived.

As for the Uber case: aren’t there business licenses being issued now for animal breeders? Shouldn’t hers be revoked? I thought things had been tightened up (slightly) after a slew of neglect cases some years ago.




There are a few vets that use Chinese medicine to treat pets. They require special training. Toto was seeing one and let me tell you it was like 4 times what conventional Western medicine costs. It worked OK on him. Doctor had studied Chinese Medicine veterinary in China and US.




Apparently it was possible to mail children before


Maybe because it had 4 times the normal dose of… real medicine. @tempogain can explain it to you.


It’s not that I’m completely dismissive of TCM (I’ve tried acupuncture myself and it worked, although I’m reserving judgement on why it worked). It’s just that, like any treatment, it has its limitations. I’m guessing the cat in question had congenital joint defects (an inevitable consequence of the folded-ear feature), which is pretty much incurable by any method.


I agree on the cat’s situation. As said, breeders here are not exactly the most professional and this… individual behavior, dumping a cat like used clothes, says a lot about the kind of breeding business this person runs.


You would think they likes cats?? Why then do this business, if you don’t like cats.


There needs to be strict animal breeder control