How can two gay foreigners get married in Taiwan, how long does the process take, what is the cost and what documents do we need?

I don’t know the immigration laws of Canada as it pertains to foreigners getting married there. I believe the OP to be a US citizen or US permanent resident with the ultimate goal of getting his boyfriend to the US with the least amount of hassle.

I don’t really know law well, but according to Wikipedia the “ruling requires all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the Insular Areas to perform and recognize the marriages of same-sex couples on the same terms and conditions as the marriages of opposite-sex couples, with all the accompanying rights and responsibilities.”

I didn’t know what Insular Areas meant, so I looked it up and it seems to mean the overseas territories.

That seems to cover just about all of them. Is Taiwan concerned that some gay couples will try to get married in Guantanamo? :thinking:

Ask your Filipino bf if he can apply for Taiwanese citizenship. After naturalization process you can get married.

Hello everyone my name is Chio and a student residing in South Korea. Please I really need first hand information about SSM for foreigners in Taiwan. My partner is a US citizen while I’m an African residing in Korea South for studies. Please we planned getting married in Taipei so I wish to find out if there’s any possibility for us to do that in Taipei reason being that is closed to where I am.


African? I thought that was a continent and not a country.

Anyway. What country are you from? Does your country allow gay marriage? If not, then you can’t get married in Taiwan.

Hey, I just checked. South Africa is the only country on the continent of Africa where gay marriage is legal. So, if you are a citizen of South Africa and your boyfriend is an American citizen, then yes, you can get married in Taiwan.

If you are a citizen of any other country on the continent of Africa, then no, you can’t get married in Taiwan.

If your boyfriend is American, that’s easy. Just go to America and get married. Very simple. Or your American boyfriend can sponsor you for a fiancé visa to America first, then you have 90 days to get married once you get to America. Easy.

However, not so easy if you are banned from traveling to America or during the fiancé visa process are found to be attempting a paper marriage for the purposes of illegal immigration to America.

Good luck.


im from sri lanka .i and my partner needto get legal marry. what is the process of that when we come visit visa to taiwan.and who help us

If Sri Lanka (and your partner’s country) doesn’t have legal gay marriage, than you cannot.

May I ask a question? My partner was a Canadian citizen and I’m from the Philippines. I am currently working here in Taiwan and I have a ARC. Are we allowed to get married here in Taiwan? Because we want to get marry in Canada but my visa is denied two times. That’s why we want to inquire if it’s allowed for us to get marry in Taiwan which I’m currently living.

If your country allows gay marriage you can get married in Taiwan.

Only in their country but not in my country.

Then, you cannot.

Why was it denied?

My first application was conjugal partner. It was denied because immigration said we are lack of proof that we truly are a couple. And then next we tried applying visit visa because we really want to get married but again denied because immigration don’t believe that i would’nt exit canada after the visit

Yep. That’s pretty standard.

How about if your partner submits the Canadian equivalent of a fiancé visa?

Or apply for a visitor visa to the US and both of you meet up in Vegas and get married first, then submit the paperwork to the Canadian government.

Love will find a way.


@julio This has changed!


Another court ruling in Taiwan


The key seems to be you have to be able to prove that you primarily live in Taiwan.

Finally they were allowed to marry