How can you "edit" a DVD

My mother stateside records special TV shows for me in the states. In order not to impose too much on her, she sets the DVD to record programs for the week and changes them out.

Now, I’d like to recompile the DVD so I can put all the kids show on one disk and all my “Adult” stuff on the other disk.

The trouble is, my free video editing software can’t read the files. When I change the extension to mpg, I get picture but no sound.

So, what exactly is a VOB file? What is the best way to recompile the DVD?

rip your dvd’s to your hd and use virtualdub to edit/cut/save as mpeg2. a bit tough if you never tried b4!

Are you using a PC or a Mac? On the Mac, I regularly use DVDxDV to extract segments from homemade DVDs, then drag them straight into iDVD to burn new discs (sometimes I edit them first in iMovie