How china was

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I hope you meant to type “garbling” bob, I really do. :astonished:

Damn, are you sure you didn’t get ANY of that on film?

Which hotel bob? A friend just told me there is a fantastic hotel newly opened in Dongguan. Around Rmb400 a night, but good enough to impress a very frequent traveller.

Sure, and them when you get really friendly, they start shooting missiles at ya!


:blush: Pretty sure it was gerbling actually sandy. Fortunately my employers possess not just a sense of humor but astounding compassion for my numerous weaknesses.

[quote=“twonavels”]Damn, are you sure you didn’t get ANY of that on film?

Actually I did manage to capture a peek or two on film. Enough to make of the editing process a scintilating process certainly!

The “Good View” it’s called. If you happen to visit and feel inclined to a little of the ol Karaokee I’d reccomend going whole hog and opting for the “B level”. Better sound system and such dontcha know.

Seriously though, gorgeous Hotel. I’ll be gracious and avoid a spoiler on the pool…