How Did Living in Taiwan Change You?


That’d be because the thread’s been hijacked and is now about bidets…


Don’t look at me! :rofl:


Japan is awesome. I taught there for only 6 months more than a decade ago though. Cost of living was very high, and job market for ESL teachers was tapped out even back then. I’m sure it’s only gotten worse. But the actual quality of life, from eating to night-life to culture, was awesome. Have visited about 15 times since I’ve left.


If you can afford it.


Squatting over a hole is like water skiing
You can flip over forwards or backwards or sideways


I no longer trust sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic lights, bicyclists, pedestrians, anyone using motorized transport, public transport of any kind, no parking zones, or right of way.


realised North Korea isn’t that bad


After many years resisting, succumbing to the Scooter . However it has ABS brakes, ensuring that most damage will be to my rear end.