How did they decide to name their toothpaste


Saw it while walking through a store yesterday.

I assume you’re referring to Darlie, formerly Darkie.

Similar to the below product from the past, isn’t it?

This toothpaste gets mentioned a bit around the site. The Chinese character name is still Black Person toothpaste. Apparently its not the same option as in English of choosing to move one keyboard character to the right. K to L.

It was salty when I first came to Taiwan some 16 years ago if I remember correctly. Not it seems to be more conventional McLeans or something similar. There has been a swing in just the past few years toward whitening toothpaste. Quite amazing to see how quickly its gone from nothing on the shelves to actual choices.

Whitie toothpaste might be a good name.

There is also a White Men toothpaste (白人.)

MT: That’s the one, thanks. The second picture however does not work.

The changeover from “Darkie” to “Darlie” and the “ambiguating” of the logo character’s skin color happened in 1990, a few years after the company was bought by Colgate. The Chinese name, as you can see, has not changed.

I collected a few of the mini ones from hotels. There’s BLACK MAN, WHITE MAN , and I even got a GREEN MAN in the dodgiest love hotel you have never seen.

Are there any others?

What else did you get in the dodgy love hotel?

I can remember my politically-correct parents being offended by a brand of cookie in Australia when we lived there in the 1980s.

Do any Aussies on Forumosa remember Pollywog cookies?

What does PollyWog mean? It is what we call my aby brother…

There’s another thread going at the moment re Kaffir Lime Leaves. It’s not a brand name, but brings to memory the days I had to attend a Coloureds Only school and sit on a Coloured bench in a park, if there was one. … highlight=

This will shed some light on the issue for you. … og_two.htm