How did YOU find segue?

How did YOU find segue?

  • a search engine (not
  • A friend told me to check it out
  • I’m old school (came over from oriented)
  • other

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Queries people used in search engines to find the site:

#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
65: segue taiwan
27: edward chen murder
25: tealit
24: disneyland memorial orgy
24: kojen taiwan forum
23: big motorcycles taiwan
18: segue
18: sheer tops
17: active nazies in holland
16: taiwan forum
14: kiko wu
13: funny newspaper headlines
12: toshiba laptop reset button location
11: rush hour
11: my boyfriend’s foreskin
11: banned movies
10: taiwan nude
10: emoticons
10: typhoon for experience
9: pissing in the showers
9: learning mandarin
8: porsche taiwan
8: tamshui
8: skirt short stride
8: taiwaner
8: large clothes in taiwan
8: language exchange
8: star bellied sneeches

OK, the learning Mandarin i can understand, but “pissing in the showers” and “my boyfriend’s foreskin”? :shock:

Perhaps those two phrases in particular were ones that people remembered seeing in a forum on Segue, but hadn’t written themselves, and so when they wanted to return to that forum, the easiest thing to do was to type the phrase they remembered into a search engine, and simply select the index from a list…

That’s what I would have (and have) done.


How did you find out what phrases people used to do searches for Segue?

Jeff, read my post in the feedback / announcements forum about the sitemap.

Ahhh thanks!

Back when I was looking for info on Taiwan I stumbled upon through google. Oriented pointed me towards

I think this would make a good poll…

Well, how did you. If you chose other, please explain.