How did you get to Taiwan?

My name is Halim Slaton, and this is our story [:

Please share yours too. I am very curious. Stories, clips, anything.

I am entering this into a few competitions and such, so any feedback, comments, likes, shares, and all that good stuff would be very much so appreciated.

Read my comment below before clicking the link
Please, thank you, and your welcome :noway:

2 important things. UPDATE, read here. Have you noticed this yet? C’mon. Read this before clicking the above link
First- People are focusing this topic on my movie and the above link only. Questions, comments, statements, and everything else. But they are not sharing stories. I don’t know if that is purposeful or not, but I’d like to point out that this is not only about our story and us. Share your trip. Share, why Taiwan? Share, random things to chip in about your trip, stay, or whatever else, here in Taiwan. Or not :astonished:
Second- It was pointed out to me that I should give something to “sell” this link and our story. Why the hell should anyone spend 98 valuable minutes of there life watching something that starts off so slowly and boring? I completely respect that question. So, I threw together this trailer just to try and help. If you cannot stand the trailer, nor care/have curiosity about anything past the trailer, then I do understand. No worries. I completely understand why. For some, the trailer will be enough. But, if you want more, you know what to do. Thanks, and enjoy [:

–Halim [11/6/2012 update]

I was able to make it through 1 minute watching your video before I had to call it good. I guess my advice would be to make it shorter, or make the first minute more interesting.

Not available on mobile, and I CBA to reach the half meter to my laptop. Yes, I’m aware that I’m intolerably lazy, thank you.

PS make it available on mobile platforms, in case I want being clear.

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How did I get to Taiwan? I flew on a commercial airliner.

it seems interesting if a bit fragmented. I fell asleep cuz i couldnt hack a one hour youtube vid :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. i went there by womb.

Well, this is the feedback that I expected from a forum site. I forgot how lazy you we generally are [:
I posted this in a hurry with about 2 hours of sleep so I forgot to clarify some things.

1st- this is a movie. A full length, 98 minute movie. Not a video. Not a clip. Not some dramatized crap, or anything of that nature. It is shot like a documentary and told with a story thrown into the mix. The true story that I lived. If you are not a reader, curious traveler to see lots of places and things, or bored (or patient) enough to sit down for an hour and a half, then do not waste one of my few views or your own important and valuable time with a click. I do admit, it starts out pretty boring, but it had to so I could show you my life. Not just the good stuff. Trust me, and I guarantee this, you have never heard or seen a love story like this. And if that is not your thing either, then no hard feelings. Again, just don’t click the link.
2nd- This movie is about love, endurance, and many more things. Not just a plane trip and finding an Asian in Taiwan. Which is ever so common. No offense :bow:
3rd- I made a bet with some friends to see how many comments it would be before someone posted “by an airplane” or something of the sort, and it was 3. So, I won. Thank you KJblahblah [:
4th- If you actually watch the movie, then let me know what you think. If you actually have a story about “why Taiwan”, then please share. If you just want to troll to troll, that’s cool too :lick:
5th- This is the description of the movie and may help you decide before clicking it–
“”“This took us 15 months of life.
This took me 100+ hours of editing, cutting, clipping, flipping, and a lot of other things. There are 177,357 frames in this movie, bringing it to 98 minutes and some seconds. I edited off and on for 5 months or so, due to laziness and other stuff of that nature. There was over 20gb and 20+ hours of of footage I had to work myself through, and over 500 clips to throw together the way that you see now.
I really hope you enjoy and get something out of this movie. This is much bigger than just a long video of some people traveling and their story that was mixed into what you see. I’d really like this to inspire, motivate, and give people the “encouragement push” that we all need at some point or another.
We all have an adventure inside of us. We just have to get up and get out to go find it. This is ours.
Let’s get started [:
I’ll make a playlist for this eventually. I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. It was quite a challenge and search for me to give you what you hear now.
0:00 - The Adventure Begins
1:40 - The Adventure Really Begins (62 hours on a bus)
5:50 - The Final Run to Yellowstone
7:33 - The Beginning of Yellowstone and Introduction to Chany
16:02 - Old Faithful and The Museum
22:23 - Somewhere Possibly Probably Maybe
26:06 - Prom Night in Yellowstone
30:01 - Our First End Was Coming
33:42 - And We’re Back, Almost (trip to Las Vegas)
37:04 - And We’re Back
42:51 - Finishing There and Starting There (Disneyland, Hollywood, and stuff)
52:30 - And We’re gone, Really This Time
53:05 - My Airplane Granddad and Our Past
58:39 - Let’s Watch The Blue Angels and Relax
1:03:04 - Time for Reality to Kick In
1:06:18 - Just a Quick Visit
1:08:53 - We’re Back (not in America)
1:13:08 - Fans and Taiwan
1:24:08 - What are These, and Some Dragons
1:27:44 - The Second or Third or Fourth or Fifth End (my turn)
1:30:22 - So, Now Hat
1:37:08 - A Speech, GetupGetout, and a Just Beginning
1:38:33 - Enjoy
And again, enjoy.
We’ll be in touch [:”""

So, again, it is more than Taiwan and a trip there. Sorry to disappoint.
Grab yourself some popcorn and caffeine and enjoy. Or not :astonished:
Until next time everyone.
I hope all is well.


Not wanting to be mean or anything but your life is only important to you and your family and a handful of close buds. To make your life interesting to us , you have to SELL yourself a bit better. Putting on the link and then telling us off if we seem critical is not good salesmanship. We dont really care how many hours you put into this project. We need OUR feathers smoothed and primmed before we will consider priming and smoothing yours hey. To be somebody on this forum you gotta earn it :slight_smile:, it aint gonna be GIVEN to ya.

Just sayin.

1st- this is a movie. A full length, 98 minute movie. Not a video. Not a clip. Not some dramatized crap, or anything of that nature. It is shot like a documentary and told with a story thrown into the mix. [/quote]

Even professional movie makers don’t throw a 98 minute movie in your face: that’s 1 hour and 38 minutes of our life. They generally make at least one 30 second to one minute trailer to generate interest in the feature film.

Can you find 30 seconds out of your 98 minutes to whet our appetites for great photography, cinematography, script, etc.?

Like Tommy says: sell yourself.

Hey I think you can edit a lot more out and still have the same effect. Maybe a bit less of everything specially the beginning at Yellowstone less Taiwan trip you dont need to show on the airplane. I watched it all though and enjoyed it.

After many years Taiwan can be a very smelly gross crowded place. You reminded me of that magical feeling Taiwan first had for me as well. Thank you,

That feeling should last until I go to work tomorrow and ride past the farmers burning piles of garbage or ride behind some cheap ass with a dirty ass scooter.

I enjoyed it.