How did you hear about Forumosa?

If you found Forumosa (nee from a friend, e-mail us at and let us know who so we can thank them.

If you picked up one of our bookmarks, please tell us where you found it… and suggest other places you think we should place more.

If you linked in from another website, please clue us in, we’d like to make sure we are exchanging links properly.

If you found us on a search engine or web directory… please, I gotta know which one – it’s been so long since I submitted the site on one. And what search terms did you use that brought us to your attention.

Can’t remember which search engine, but it was probably Google as that’s the one I usually use.


I found you on Yahoo, a few years ago.

Here are some results (for the first 2 pages of webpage matches on yahoo/google only):


efl, taiwan:…no…yes
esl, taiwan:…no…yes
english, taiwan:…no…yes
teaching, taiwan:…no…yes
expatriates, taiwan:.yes…no
expats, taiwan:…no…no
legal, taiwan:…yes…no
living, taiwan:…yes…yes
forums, taiwan:…yes…no
job, taiwan:…yes…yes
jobs, taiwan:…no…yes[/code]

Most of your results only show on the webpage matches list, not the first major ones (web sites or summary), also some of your listings appear on the 2nd page of webpage matches, and some of the descriptions in the listing are not very clear.

Maybe you could update your tags and re-submit?


I also think Yahoo/Google looks at how many websites link to you, and vice versa.

i think i found it thru dave’s esl cafe somehow…

If I remember right, I stumbled here thru a post in . Funny thing that post got pulled pretty fast.

Bookmark at Grandma Nitti’s beginning of 2000. Catchy name, useful item, nice design. I think it was Sir Speedy in Tienmu that printed those up right?



I found out about it about a year ago, maybe longer, on Dave’s ESL Cafe. Most likely posted by a user on the bulletin boards there, but nonetheless worth thanking someone for. Might even be a good idea to assign someone to post there regularly. ^ ^

I heard about your website from a friend of mine. I think it’s great and very useful. I really admire the efforts you put in for this website. It creates a very special space for people who are attracted to this site. I especially like the design of the logo.
You really should find a way to let more people know about this site. 8)

Taipei Times did an article on you guys and I happened to be reading the paper that day. :laughing:

found out during a visa run, from the guy sitting next to me who was also doing a run :smiley:

Heard about oriented through article in Taipei Times. Was TT trying to make friends with Oriented after reading so much bad stuff about its management? Oh the irony.
Love, love, love the site - thanks for all your efforts.

p.s. I am curious though as to how Oriented actually makes any money. It’s not as if Oriented is plastered with ads (thankfully), although I would happily click on ads ten times a day if it ever came down to: “to be or not to be.”

ORIENTEDdotORG/Segue is not designed to make money. It is run by volunteers who will hopefully gain “something” other than cold hard cash thanks to their involvement.

I often use my own experience as an example of a significant yet non-financial gain reaped from the project. I would not have heard of my graduate school program were it not for ORIENTED.

I was making my final decision about which graduate school in the US I was going to go when I received an alert from the ORIENTED Events Calendar. The new Asia campus (Singapore) of the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business used it to announce their Taipei information session. In a few short weeks, my entire graduate school plans changed and I’ve been able to continue living in Taipei since.

In fact, I’m writing you now from Singapore – where I am spending the next week in classes (this will explain why you won’t hear from me much for the next week or so) before heading back to Taiwan.

You could say I owe my latest extension in Asia (these past 18 months) to ORIENTED. You could also say that instead of “making money” from the site, I’m now spending a whole lot more in tuition and airfare (but then going to grad school was already long-planned) :slight_smile:

Banners will be back. They will go at the bottom of the website because I like to keep the main content free of clutter. Banners will be for exchange only – with other sites and Taiwan resources.

Certainly, this project is NOT free – but it isn’t terribly expensive either. I’ll be using Paypal to invite donations to help cover for the website’s upkeep. I’ll also be setting up a CafePress store as a way to encourage donations (here’s what I’ve done so far – – please note that most of the money on these items go to CafePress, not to me).

The website costs US$ 100 a year for hosting at and some more for some of the software I’m planning to install (mailing list blaster, classifieds database). If we get the print edition of the website going later this year, then there will be printing and distribution costs, too – but I’m a cheapskate at heart and it shouldn’t cost much money or effort (well, hopefully).

After business school (March 2003), I may actually leave this island once and for all. Hopefully, the team@segue (the moderators and writers, like Carson Wu) will have found a smooth way to manage the site without my interfering with an upgrade or downtime now and then.

Until then, please think of this website as an experiment for ALL of us – YOU, me and the Team. Hopefully, this is an experiment that is inexpensive, open-minded and relatively painless.

Was on there one day and saw it.


I really don’t know where I found a link to, but that’s what eventually led me to this site. I remember spending hours (hours that should have been spent actually working) reading sites about the experiences of English teachers. About 30 links later I ended up here. I am glad I found this place. It’s so interesting to read the forums, I can get lost for hours. I hope to move to Taiwan someday (my wife is from Taichung) even if just for a few years. My company is slowly expanding their global sales force and by 2004 they should be going after the Asia market. By then I should be almost fluent in Mandarin and hope to be their guy in Taiwan. If not, we may just move there anyway. Gotta be something I can do!

See y’all,

Tim, in Atlanta

I was looking for info. on Tealit and someone gave me a link to Segue, I don’t know who. The reason I stayed using Segue was that people answer posts on Segue.

I was trying to find out what the cost of living is in Taipei, so I did a query … gle+Search

Paid a visit to the 3rd link from the search results and found a link to your page at the bottom of the below page

I must say I find your page very informative, and it has been of great help for my understanding of how Taipei life is on good and bad.

I did have a look at Tealit’s page but didn’t like the layout of the forum … this one is much better. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I heard it on ICRT :sunglasses: site

Tealit. Someone posted a link, I went to Segue and never turned back. I was soon banned there, so I kind of burned the bridges.

I blame Ironlady for suckering me into coming here. I posted on a mailing list that I was planning on heading up this way and was after information, and Ironlady replied pointing me this way with a comment that I’d find all the information I could ever need, and a lot I wouldn’t want to know too.