How did you hear about Forumosa?

Damn! And I was hoping it was really because you had sent me a million-kazillion characters worth of translation work and saw the Forumosa link on my web page while you were doing that… :frowning:

I originally saw a bookmark in the Subway (now a Sub-Something-Else) near Xinsheng and Heping Roads, way back when. I visited then but there was very little going on so waited awhile before checking back.

It was all in the NYU connection. I tell you, NYC is one small place and so is Taipei. :astonished:

I was told I would be able to find some hardcore pan-Blue supporters with pro-Beijing views here during the ROC presidential elections.

:laughing: I hope people truly can appreciate this comment. What’s even more humorous is I don’t know if you’re saying it with a straight face or tongue in cheek. Both of which are just as funny. :thumbsup:


I found you on Yahoo, a few years ago.

Here are some results (for the first 2 pages of webpage matches on yahoo/google only):


efl, taiwan:…no…yes
esl, taiwan:…no…yes
English, taiwan:…no…yes
teaching, taiwan:…no…yes
expatriates, taiwan:.yes…no
expats, taiwan:…no…no
legal, taiwan:…yes…no
living, taiwan:…yes…yes
forums, taiwan:…yes…no
job, taiwan:…yes…yes
jobs, taiwan:…no…yes[/code]

Most of your results only show on the webpage matches list, not the first major ones (web sites or summary), also some of your listings appear on the 2nd page of webpage matches, and some of the descriptions in the listing are not very clear.

Maybe you could update your tags and re-submit?


I also think Yahoo/Google looks at how many websites link to you, and vice versa.[/quote]

Google is/was my friend. :wink:[/quote]

It wasn’t mine. I forgot the play on words with For"um"osa, and could not find this site after trying formosa forum as the search string. I had come across the site very briefly before, but had not picked up on the play on words.[/quote]
I don’t think Google uses Meta tags, but we could certainly use some for other search engines.

Any suggestions beyond the following (limit is 30 words, normally):
Taiwan, Formosa, China, Teaching English, Teach, Visa, ARC, Taipei, Expats, Expatriates, Forums, Jobs

google search on taipei +apartment +rental got me here…thanks

[quote]Any suggestions beyond the following (limit is 30 words, normally):
Taiwan, Formosa, China, Teaching English, Teach, Visa, ARC, Taipei, Expats, Expatriates, Forums, Jobs[/quote]

ROC, life, living, classifieds

If you are really only up to 12 or 15 terms and have 30 to use, I think that the big cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, might be worth throwing in, as some people may do searches based on city rather than country.

Throw some words in that have sexual connotations. Like biscuit.

Tiawan is the one spelling error that I make most frequently. If you put in Tiawan then any spelling error will get your site as a result.

Mr He talked about it for a whole year before I checked what it was all about.

I came across it way back when (through the Oriented site), followed it into the short-lived Segue days, then to where it is now. Actually, had an account before, but after some months of being inactive, had to restart with a new account. I’m so glad it’s here.

Google search

Google, searching for something pertinent to the Learning Chinese section, probably on etymology, oracle bones, etc.

believe it or not, when I was in Taiwan, I heard it on the radio, Jeff’s radio show talking about Forumosa…

still here… after all these years…