How difficult is it to find a job in April?

I’ve decided to come to Taipei in April when my contract is up to hunt for jobs. I have meny saved up and all that good stuff, and I imagine I’ll stay in a hostel until I find an apartment or a job.

I know April is not the best job-hunting season, but how bad can I expect it to be, really?

If you’re willing to teach children of any age and you can sell yourself reasonably well, you should be able to get a job, I think. Might be a little easier in June, perhaps, right before the summer vacation, when the kids get packed off to bushiban to avoid annoying their parents.

Whatever you do, MAKE SURE you arrive at least 184 days before the end of the year, otherwise the government will keep 20% of your earnings in the first year in tax!

True. Rather than bad times to get here, there are preferable times to get here. Really, there aren’t absolutely bad times to arrive. Right before Chinese New year might qualify as somewhat bad because everything is closed for a couple weeks. The start of the semesters or Summer classes are the preferable times. However, teachers come and go at all times. There are always openings somewhere. I also agree that you should pay attention to how many days you’ll be here during the tax year. Try to arrive before July or you’ll lose out on the tax return.

I think April is not that bad time to look for a job. BUT…schools which are still looking for teachers are more likely to have some problems…the boss maybe very picky and is not satisfied with the former teacher or the teacher has found some problems after working tthere for some time…the problem from the parents’ side is possible,too. anyway, if you only want a job, it’s not too difficult. but don’t expect too much…Good luck!

In that case, if the company owner is unfair or dishonest, then be prepared to leave the job in July/August when there are the most jobs available - think of it like it could be temporary.

Thanks everybody. My plans are still to arrive in April. I like teaching children, so that is no problem. I suppose I’ll just take it as it comes.

If nothing else, maybe I can find some temporary work to squeak by until a better opportunity comes along.

Violet, when you get here may I suggest that you advertise your services on here as a sub teacher looking for work. You should be able to pick up some work and people know people so you never know your luck in a big city. That’s certainly the case in Taiwan. There’ll be little in the newspapers by April as it’s already 6 to 7 weeks into the second semester. Like everyone has said July and August (summer vac) is the best time to find work. Good luck, amos.

Thanks Amos, I’ll do that.

I know April isn’t the best time but that’s when my contract is up and I’m already in Japan. It would probably cost as much to fly home for a while as it would to squeak by for a while in Taipei, I figure.

I’ve looked into volunteering somewhere for a month or two as well, but it looks like it can end up costing a bunch on personal expenses. I may as well just get to the country where I’m going to live already and start looking.

If this is a really, really bad idea, please somebody, tell me. Thanks.