How difficult is it to get a scooter license?

If I study during my quarantine, can I just walk into the transportation department and take the test? I heard you need a medical check up. How much would that set me back?

Yes, just walk in and take the test. The “medical checkup” is basically an eye test and making sure you have the strength to grip the brakes. In Taoyuan you go to an office across from the testing building for this checkup at a minimal cost, maybe $300NT or less if I remember correctly.

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How difficult is it to get a scooter license?

Unfortunately it’s too easy, so be careful when you get yours.

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Can your current driver license get exchanged to Taiwanese?
I would suggest doing that first to avoid the written test.

To transfer, the costs is $150 for physical test, and $200 for the car drivers license.
You will need 2 physical test… one for car and one for scooter (do both at the same time). Each is $150. There will be shops around the DMV to do the physical test and photo.

They will ask you to take a photo which will also costs $150 (12 copies, enough for all the licenses - it is a smaller version of passport photos).

You will need ARC, Passport, Notarized current Drivers License, and (i think) rental contract.

If American, you will need to get your driver license notarized at AIT ($50 USD). Don’t forget to make a copy or they will charge you $1USD for a copy. Or you can bring change and there is a copy machine there at AIT which is much cheaper. They take credit card for fees payment. Schedule an appointment online.

Unfortunately, I am up to this step.

Next would be to schedule road test online. Pay for the test (not sure how much). Show up early with a scooter, or borrow their scooter (not sure how much) and pass it. If you pass you can then pay for the scooter license (i think it is $200 as well).

Below is the road test scheduling information which I don’t know how to read. If any kind soul here would like to further explain the following steps. Thank you!

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The whole balancing for 10 seconds without touching the ground thing gets me every time. The other way is to do a license transfer. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. And these days you get to keep your license from your original country rather than having to hand it in like you used to. Otherwise you can just keep getting International Driving Permits from whichever is your countries relative office. You need to register the permit along with your drivers license with a police station if you plan on using it for more than a certain period. I think it used to be 13 weeks but that may have changed. I have seen 2 weeks written in other places so don’t quote me on it.

So if you bring original license, plus international drivers permit - this is not enough to skip the written test?
You need to notarize the license at the embassy from the country that issued the license?

It seems you now need to register online for taking the license, plus take some video test beforehand which I cannot pass using google translate…
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It’s really a bit complicated. And as I see with a 3 year gold card I cannot get my IDL extended after the first 30 days.

The stamps for the IDL also need notarized copies right? Also only available at the embassy?
(I have a full/heavy motorcycle and car license from Austria, but German nationality. Guess I need to go to Austrian embassy for any notarization then, not German embassy?)