How do I accept bittorrents?

I am haveing trouble accepting bittorrents. I know I need to open ports 6881-6889. I went into my router to open them but everytime i try to open these ports it says that my IP address is invalid!?!?!

I did the whole ipconfig thing. Looked at my IP adress and entered it.


Any suggestions?

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Suggest you look through the guides at
Try both BitComet and Azureus.

IIRC, those port numbers are more an issue for eMule,
not for BitTorrent clients.

My Azureus client constantly complains about ports not being open, but works fine. So I just ignore it. It complains about anything anytime so I just stopped listening.

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change the default bt ports to something else (in both your bt client and your firewall). you’ll probably still be able to download without changing anything though. and use azureus of course…

I got it to work. Azureus is the way to go you guys are right.

Thanks for the help:)

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There is a report about a bittorrent review on slashdot.

Also good for legal stuff like, a fan production star trek series. Waiting for my download for eternety.