How do I find a substitute English teacher?

Hi, does anyone know how I can go about finding a substitute english teacher? I started teaching pre-school/kindergarten here and have to head back home for a little bit due to family things. I’m looking for someone for the last week of june and all of july. the school is professional and the staff and kids are great. any sub would have the help of a local co-teacher and an experienced australian teacher who’s been teaching at this school for 2 years. the pay is NT 550 per hour and the location is convenient (near shuanglien mrt station). if anyone knows of someone who is interested or a good way to find a sub, please let me know. thanks.

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The email address you supplied in the advert in the Jobs forum appears to have a space in it - or is it an underscore ?

iping, you have already partly answered your question by posting an ad in the teaching jobs forum.

Another alternative could be if you have a friend back home who is interested in teaching in Taiwan, but not quite sure if they want to make a long term commitment. Invite them over to teach for the time you will be away. That way they can give teaching in Taiwan a try for long enough to know if it is suitable for them. If it’s suitable they can then find another job and then if it is not they can go home without having lost anything.

thanks for the advice…i started getting a couple of responses already, so i think i’ll find someone.