How do I get a cat from Kaohsiung to CKS Airport?

Hey everyone,

For those of you who are regulars in this forum, you’ll know that for the past few months I’ve been trying to get my cat back to South Africa. Well, I’ve done everything that needs to be done, almost.

I’m leaving pretty soon, next week on the 8th August, a Tuesday. I’m going to the vet tomorrow morning to get the final health papers from the State Vet, etc.
Now, I’ve booked a flight for the cat. It leaves the day before I do, the 7th. It leaves from Kaohsiung airport, which is convenient… BUT it goes through Hong Kong.
People seem to say avoid Hong Kong like the plague when transporting animals. The freighting company told me that the cat just needs an import permit and it will go through fine. But, I can ONLY apply for the permit tomorrow, AFTER I’ve gotten the export permit (Tomorrow was the soonest it could be done; rule is 10 days within departure, that was Saturday, but the dept is not open on weekends). After much searching on the internet, I’ve discovered that the Hong Kong office issues the papers in 5 working days. I’m scared that this will be too late for the cat’s departure date.

The other option is Singapore airlines. This seems to be easier and a lot less hassle, BUT the flights only leave from CKS airport. I have no idea how to get the cat there. I don’t know if buses will take cats, and besides, then I’d pretty much have to bus it up there, then bus it back, about 11 hours in a bus…

I’d prefer to go with Singapore but as it is, it looks like Hong Kong is the only option. I’ll just have to sweat it and pray that permit comes though on time. Anyone have any suggestions?

No problem, I’m sure, to take a cat in a crate on a bus.

Hi Trapjaw,

Just wondering how you ended up doing it? I need to get my cats from Kaohsiung to CKS airport too. Would prefer not to add the extra travel time in the crate for them.


I’m going with Hong Kong route, Cathay Pacific. Flies from here in Kaohsiung.
Man, what a process…

Tell me about it!! I think SA and Australia are pretty similar in terms of difficulty. But if I sent my cats via Hong Kong, I wouldn’t get them out for 6 months. Singapore or Japan only for me.

Good luck with it all. :slight_smile: