How do i get a dependent spouse arc?

My wife and I are both US citizens.

She has an ARC through her English teaching job.

I study Chinese and work as a freelance writer for companies outside of Taiwan.

Right now, I’m on a student visa.

I want to switch to TLI, and understand that they have special issues with student visas.

Can i get a dependent spouse ARC? My wife and I were recently married in Taipei at the housing office, so a record of our marriage isn’t a problem. What other documents would I need to provide? Would we need to get permission from her employer? Is this possible for spouses of English teachers, or is it only for spouses of ‘skilled workers?’

Any links to relevant sites would be appreciated.

I think you’d need to be quite careful, as the answer is “yes” you can get listed as a dependent on your wife’s ARC, but you would NOT have any entitlement to work I don’t think. Not sure how or if this would relate to your work outside Taiwan, but care would be needed.

I’m in the same situation as you. Did you ever get your ARC?