How do I get an evening job teaching english

I’m thinking about going to Taipei with my son. I’ve been advised to homeschool him during the day and try to get evening jobs teaching adults. Does anyone know if you can make a living doing something like this? How would I go about finding these gigs?

An aside, is it better to get a job from the US or wait until I get there? I was sent a contract from IACC, but it seems harsh and underpaid.

Don’t use IACC (use the “search” function…you will see all sorts of info).

I recommend homeschooling your son in the morning and then trying to get an afternoon and evening gig. While you are working your son can take all sorts of cool classes. Piano, Aikido, art, whatever you want. Just start sending out resumes to schools. Once you have a short list of schools that you would like to work for, come back here and ask around (also do a “search”) about the schools.

Thank you for the advice. Do you think it’s a good idea to go through one of the programs like IACC or apply directly to the schools? Where would I find a list of schools hiring?

It’s better to apply directly at the schools. Most people can land a job within weeks of arrival here. Here’s a thread talking about the differences between some of the adult chains: