How do I get into acting in Taiwan?


I’m a 18-year old exchange student from Quebec and I’m actually studying in high school in Taipei ( even though I’m in college in Canada the program puts exchange students in high school ). Since I feel kind of old with 15-year old kids, I was looking for a way to meet new people. One thing I really miss over here is acting… I’ve done musical for 3 years and done several plays, I also teach drama and I auditionned to be on a Tv-show in Quebec, but instead of making the show I’ve decided to come here to learn Chinese… I was wondering if there was any way I could do acting over here ? I speak French, English, Spanish and slowly learning Chinese… If you have any tip, or have heard about anything, please let me know! I really miss the stage … Or if there are any other people in my situation, let me know… we could try to find a way to do something!

thanks a lot!


Phhshawww! Don’t know if there’s anyone here that can help. Not!

Our esteemed moderator herself has her finger in more thespian pies than you can shake a stick at. Alien? of the Taipei Aliens Dramatic Society? Where art thou?


Not sure if you would be interested in dance at all, there is a large company in Taipei called Cloud Gate, I used to have a friend who was in it, but not sure if I still have his number, he may be able to hook you up or you may just call over to the studio yourself and see what they can cook up for you.

Talk about overkill! Read her post, Jeff. She’s still in school, looking to meet some people and maybe do a bit of acting in her spare time.

Don’t you think she just might be a tiny little bit embarrassed/out of her depth when she trips lightly across to Cloud Gate only to find that they’re an internationally renowned, fully professional dance troupe with a rigorous touring schedule that lasts for a large part of the year and an even more rigorous practice schedule?

Its like saying to someone who just bought a guitar “Hey, I know a guy in Led Zeppelin! Maybe you could pop over to their next rehersal and sit in on a couple of numbers.”

Hey, I did read her post. So what she’s 18, that doesn’t mean she can’t inquire. And I think you need to read my post. I said they may be able to put her in touch with people. Hook you up must have been misinterpreted, huh sandman? I would guess the person I know probably knows other people, he was 22 when I met him and a professional. So don’t give me this overkill garbage.

Ouch! Down boy!

Valerie, I’m still on the TADS mailing list, so when I get to my other computer tomorrow, I’ll give you a bunch of email addresses of amateur hams who are usually only too happy to involve fresh new faces in their productions.

Maybe the local symphony orchestra? That’s on a stage, isn’t it? :unamused:

Ooh, ooh, I know! Sculpture! Ok, it’s not acting, but heck it’s creative, and you could do it on a stage if you wanted. I know someone who knows a sculptor, so I’ll get in touch and maybe they can hook you up. :wink:

You could get a job as security at rock concerts. I met a whole pile of people I’d never heard of that way - and you can go up on stage during the gig.

I did some Gilbert & Sullivan at school. Can I join in ?


Poagao needs someone to play a ‘newbie’ type character for a short film he wants to make.

Send him a Private Message and say Mindcrime mentioned it. Otherwise, he might bite you in the jugular and then say something pithy like “You got a problem with your brain, doodyhead?!” :wink:

Seriously, though, he does need someone for a few hours worth of work and who is interested in perhaps filming ‘sequels’ to the short.


Valerie, Check this out…

Valerie, here’s the website of a total nutter but a very nice bloke who makes movies with a bunch of other total nutters. I suggest you drop him a line and see what happens. Good luck, and you’d better start looking now for that little number you’ll wear at next year’s Oscars :wink:


Thanks a lot for all your replies! I will really try to contact those people and see how things turn out!
If you still find other thigns out, let me know !!! I really want to meet new people and great contacts in every domains is always useful :stuck_out_tongue: and even more in that one!

I give you my email address, it’s easier to reach me there…

Thanks a lot and waiting to get more tips from you!


Hi there,
I’m a Canadian female actor moving to Taiwan and was wondering if anyone has any advice, tips, good agents or companies that I could contact for work. It’s always hard setting up shop in a new town and I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance!

[quote=“Pants”]Hi there,
I’m a Canadian female actor moving to Taiwan and was wondering if anyone has any advice, tips, good agents or companies that I could contact for work. It’s always hard setting up shop in a new town and I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance![/quote]
I sent you a PM.

“Sweeet !..this is gonna be a good one…”

Hess would be a good start. A lot of teachers seem to find that while its not the best, its useful for first-timers here in terms of support.
As for acting? Lots of amateur expat theatre groups. The occasional modeling gig, the odd TV commercial if you’re VERY lucky and really know how to network. I know one girl who made kind-of a go of the acting/modelling thing here. One. In 20 years. And she is stunningly attractive, too.

Ha, Just need to check the job vacancies on this website. Ihave been in 2 commercials and 1 movie through ads found on here, and got another script offered to me last week.

I am not really taking acting as a serious profesion for myself, more a hobby and if somethig comes from it, well that is a bonus. But probably like Sandman said, networking will get you more gigs…

SO many opportunities in Taiwan waiting for those looking for them…

Are you a real actor? If so you’re gonna go nuts. The only “acting” I did there that didn’t make me want t go eye stabby was live abc. What they call “acting” for a white person is really “acting like a caricature”

Driving Miss Daisy.

Burn Hollywood Burn, but with the shoe on the other foot.

Scene 1, Act 1.