How do I get rid of flies?

Original Title: Flies don’t fly

Dunno why but after the typhoon, there is a plague of flies in the neighborhood. And they are coming in teh house. The fly trap at the grocer’s was full so I bought one too but it hasn’t caught any. Now I have 4 annoyances flying around. One of the cats gave chase, realized the futility, and gave up, so I am alone in this endeavour. How do I get rid of them? The flies, I mean.

My mom always talked about catching more flies with honey than with shit, so there should be an option or two there.

If those don’t work, don’t flies have very short life spans? You could wait them out.

Or one of those tenis racket electric things?

these days everytime i open the door a fly or two comes in. Ssh. But i think i found a great way to get em.

use a spray filled with dish washing liquid (not too much) and water. Spray it on the fly and it will not be able to fly very well. Then squash with a flip flop. Has worked so far.

Open the folder they’re in, select the files you want to get rid of, then hit “delete”. Be sure to empty the Recycle Bin.

Oh, I see… you want to get rid of FLIES…

erm, except that they have a high procreative rate (which is why they are used for genetic experiments).

This is nasty, but the reason there are so many is that there are dead things for their maggots to eat and therefore grow into big flies. The best way to get rid of them is to remove most of the places that they can lay their eggs and have them grow… so you’ve got to find and dispose of the dead things that are probably outside around your place… disgusting.

Killing the adult flies is about like taking paracetamol when you have a rotten tooth that needs a root canal…

luckily the maggots are not flying around my puter and buzzing my face. Dish washing fluid mixed with water as a spray? :stuck_out_tongue: takes em down fast !! and then squash em . Been working so far. Just blast em as they buzz by you. Be careful not to spray anything important with your water spray of course.

Just to keep you guys updated:

A few days after the typhoon, the unusually high number of flies dissappeared. Now we only have them Saturdays and Sundays, when fish is sold downstairs…