How do I get rid of wood and bricks?

I am moving, and need to get rid of rotten wooden fences and a lot of bricks…how do I get rid of it?

Dump it on the nearest corner like someone else. Your local insane baglady/man will take care of it.

It would go even faster of you spray painted the lot pink and decorated it with a few Hello Kitty stickers.

build an illegal houtou on top of your apartment complex and then tell the powers that be. They’ll cart it away right smartly and give you a reward.

Just tell your local district government office that you have some materials to dispose of, but they’re too large to put in the garbage truck or the recycling truck.

For a small fee they will specially come and collect it for you.

I got rid of an old mattress that way. I’d imagine that some old wood and bricks would be no different.

In the unlikely event that they can’t collect it (maybe they only do old furniture and appliances, or maybe not all districts provide this service), they would at least be able to tell you what to do.