How do I know which bike fits me?

I need to buy a bike. I go to the post office everyday 1-2x to drop off packages and it would save time to be able to just bike there and back.

I’m looking at Argos in the UK, how do I know which bike will fit me? UK is in lockdown so I can’t actually go try it first. I’m 189cm and around 90-95kg.

I’ve only had mountain bikes and BMX bikes, but I assume a hybrid bike is best for this kind of thing?

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Why not a fold-up bike?
Can carry it around in a bag, if need be.
What’s the round-trip distance we talking about each day?

I don’t really like the feel of those fold up bikes.

I’m not sure the exact distance. I would guess around 1km. Takes me about 12min to walk there at a fast pace.

Call up a local bike shop and give them your measurements. They’ll probably come closer to guessing what mountain bike you can ride.
If you ride it only in the city, then buy slick tires (not the knobby ones for off-road).

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Is there a way I can look at the measurements on this site and figure out what will work. I’m obviously not competing in cycling or doing anything serious. Just want something that is comfortable for daily riding.

Bike shops are listed as an essential service in the UK and so should be open during lockdown. Argos is crap, Halfords is slightly better if you want something cheap that will probably break, but you are better off going to a local bike shop in your area if you can. Call them up beforehand to save time/risk.

You may struggle as a lot of bike places have been out of stock for months, but if you go online then you can try rutland cycling, tredz, wiggle, chain reaction cycles, etc.

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Not answering your question, but how’s the bike-locking situation there? I can see scenarios when the bike ride saves you five minutes but then you spend another five minutes locking and unlocking the bike.

In my area of the UK the police recommend locking bikes up at all times even when its inside your house :rofl:

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There’s actually a bike rack to lock bikes in front of the post office. So no issues. But bikes do get stolen a lot so I don’t want to buy something nice that people will want to steal.

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I just want something cheap. It’s just to save me time everyday to go to the post and back.

Halfords, then, or local. But it’s still going to run you 2-300 quid. Don’t buy used off ebay, gumtree or facebook for obvious reasons

Unfortunately, people also steal not-so-nice bikes.

Look for an ugly old dutch bike. Sizes will likely be bigger and if you get one ugly enough, thieves might look past it.

an uglier version of this. With a big chain ring, for the quad workout, you’ll at least be able to run after anybody with sticky fingers as it’ll be a beast to move.


This one is better, Andrew. Plus, people will get out of your way quicker.


I was actually thinking of having a big basket to put stuff in. Right now I’m carrying everything in a bag but I’m shipping more and more every week.

Have you considered a van? If you get a bike now, but your shipments are growing, it might not be sufficient in a month or so.

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The packages are small as the items are all small. Imagine something the size of an iPhone with a 80% profit margin and tools like tweezers and brushes.

If it gets that busy, I would just get the post to come collect.

@Andrew0409 your size may vary depending on length of your arms and legs, but like you said, you aren’t really using it as sport, but more to commute. So that’s something I wouldn’t worry too much about.

As others have said, you can send your height to your local bike shop and have them make a recommendation.

If you end up having to carry/bring a lot of packages, maybe consider a cargo bike.

Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with services and brands in the UK, but luckily, I know @ShutUpLegs had a lifetime of knowledge.


I can help order a hybrid bike in your size. come by the shop (Taipei Bike Works) sometime, we will take your measurements and sort you out even if you don’t buy from me, I’m just happy to help you find the right the bike.

Meh, just be smart, bike theft isn’t that big in Taiwan compared to the UK. If you want a nice bike, then get a nice bike, just don’t leave it outside overnight, and if you do, change up the parking location from time to time.