How do I make a small square in Word or Excel?

I want to make a muliple choice test with boxes to check.

I can’t seem how to figure out how to make a simple small square where the students can put a checkmark in.


I’m assuming this is something you’re going to print…


Right click on the menu bar. Select “drawing” from the pop up menu. This will add a menu bar for drawing shapes (if it’s not already visible). Click on “rectangle”. Place your cursor over the page, hold mouse button down and drag.


Click on the column’s letter to select the whole column.

From the menu bar, select Format --> Row --> Height. Enter the height of the row.

From the menu bar, select Format --> Column --> Width. Enter the width of the column (hint: If it’s the same as the row’s height, you will have a square).

If you want the edges of the squares to be bolded, right click on the column’s letter. From the pop up menu select Format Cells --> Border. Select your border, it will be applied to all cells in that column.


In Word you can go to the ‘View’ menu, highlight ‘Toolbars’ and then select ‘Forms’. The Forms toolbar will appear which you can use to insert small checkboxes. Once you’ve added a checkbox to your page you can right click on it and choose ‘Properties’ which will let you make adjustments to its size etc.

Oh wow! I didn’t know one could do that. That’s much easier. Whatdya know…I lernt sumtin’ t’day.

EDIT: Jeeezuz, you can do the exact same thing with Excel. I lernt too things t’day – yee haw!

In Word you can also Insert a Special Symbol; among them are empty boxes.

Use excel. Highlight the cell you want to change into boxes. Use the borders icon to draw the borders you want. If the job isn’t to big, you could email it to me and I could insert the boxes and send it as an attachment.

That’s so useful. Thanks man!

Thanks peeps.

Very helpful indeed.

Damn. Now I actually have to do some work :s