How do I post a picture?

Tell it to me like I am a six-year-old. :slight_smile:

Read this thread.

[quote=“Spack”]Tell it to me like I am a six-year-old. :slight_smile:[/quote]First of all, sit up straight and take that out of your mouth. Ewww… what is that ? Go and wash your hands.
Then you need to find a picture on a website you want to post. I seemed to remember you got the picture of the masturbating pengiun I sent you for your avatar. Instead of pasting that into your profile, you paste that into your message, like this:

But you post that you won’t get an image, you’ll get a link to an image, so you need to surround with it tags
you can do that by either typing them yourself. Or Pressing the IMG button, pasting your url and pressing IMG again. Or highlighting the url and pressing IMG so you get this:


which should show this:

If you want to see how somone does some effect, or includes a link or image or something, press the ‘quote’ button to see what they typed. But don’t press Submit or you’ll look like a nimrod

Thanks BFM and Cranky. I’ll try it out later.