How do I search for a stove and exhaust hood on PCHome/Ruten/etc?


I am budgeting for a stove with an oven in Taipei. I do not know how to translate it so I can find this kind of thing on PC Home.

My Google Translate suggestions are only resulting in toaster ovens or worse. Any suggestions?


Your best bet is to find a western appliance importer. I will try to find some links. We went that direction with our washer and dryer. Next step is a dishwasher and oven with range like you posted.


Thank you! That was quick!

I am also shopping for an Exhaust Hood. Google translated this as 排氣罩


I am trying to come up with a budget to (partially) furnish an apartment in Xindian for rent. I want to install air conditioners, kitchen appliances, and some furniture.

It’s a 3 bedroom apartment, so I will need 4 air conditioners in total. I am just budgeting right now, so would it make sense to simply say I need 4 of these type of air conditioners:

There are less expensive ones at about half the price


爐連烤 is the term generally used for this.


Most people go this route:

Normal gas stove with a wall oven in the kitchen.
If you do this, you need to be aware of the outside temp of the oven. It can burn the cabinets / wall it is next to. Make sure they install it with a heat shield around it.

If you go with a western style range with oven combo, chances are the counters will be much lower than the range. You would need to consider re-doing the entire kitchen cabinetry / counter tops.爐連烤/

That link will take you to a more local variant of what you are aiming for. So far, all of the importers I have found only do refrigerators, washers and dryers and AC units. But I will keep looking.
I do believe IKEA has a range with oven.


We have a combo range in our apartment, and it fits in with our standard-height kitchen counter. The oven, on the other hand, is on the small side.


Here you go


Panasonic will be on sale next weekend in 全國電子. Lots of gifts attached to your purchase.

And 11/11 sales. Don´t forget those.


There is also Miele and another foreign brand stoves that are available at department stores like Mitsukoshi and Sogo.


I bought one of these babies in a second hand appliances store. Came with free delivery. I live on the 5th floor of a building with no elevator. The movers weren’t too happy.

Sorry, old man rambling here.


How hard is it to clean?


As long as you don’t mean underneath or behind the oven, it’s not a big deal. The top isn’t any worse than a regular stove. The oven can be wiped with some simple detergent after particularly oily meals. Only becomes a problem if you let the oil/fat accumulate for a while.


Glad I saw this because I was going to go pick up something today…are you subscribed to something that provides you with sales information, or did you just happen to notice an ad?


Get some model’s name in a physical shop. Search that name in Ruten and click on the product’s page. Then go to the upper level, which is the section under which that product is listed and here you go, lots of similar products.

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Nope, I wanted to buy something and the guys there told me to wait until those dates so I can get discount. I am an old customer and drop by frequently to chat, as it is near my home. But they also have newsletter you can suscribe to and website to check what´s up.


Plus on the day of the event there will be balloons and music and you´d be tempeted to see what´s up.

brochure with latest sales: