How do i stop my phone from downloading stuff automatically?

So this phone is 6 months old. I make a strong point of not downloading APPs with the exception of LINE. Ever. Other than line i dont dowload any software onto my phone.

But for years and a good 15 plus phones, always have the same problem of running out of space. So i delete photos. Month later no space, delete more…etc etc until my phone can only hold 100 or so pics. Which means storage is getting filled somewhere else. How can i solve this issue as sometimes just for 2 days work i need to take a few hundred pics to load on computer later on…i do buy micro sd cards…but i want to stop random things being downloaded without my approval.

I have gone through the apps list and “force stopped” or “uninstalled” useless apps like youtube (i can view on an internet browser just as easily without downloading crap) but eventually they seem to show back up…:frowning:

Appreciate any help. This young frustrated tech dinosaur is losing his patience with these things haha.

Edit: android phone

Go to Google Play Store
Click on 3 parallel bars at top left in search area.
Your gmail ID attached to phone should slide over.
Click Settings.
Under Auto-update Apps, choose Don’t auto-update Apps.
This works for me in the last few years with 3 different Android phones.

For stock apps, you cannot uninstall, unless you are rooted.
You can, however, disable them. It’s pretty much the same thing, but it still takes some minimal space of your storage. Have you tried it?

Thankfully i saved my text before posting. It pasted the pictures but deleted my text… Here is what was deleted:

Ok thanks guys. I did the cancel auto update thing. Then next day my phone became ultra slow. Like 5 mins just to open line app.

So i spent a good 4 hours (waiting) and disabled/force stopped things i dont need as you mention. Now the gawd damned thing has deleted a lot of important stuff on my phone. Line messages are gone totally, which really is going to cause me serious work issues. Im going to go to the phone shop to ask, but everytime i do that they end up deleting everything on my phone and have no idea why.

Im starting to think my sim card is cursed…lost untold important pictres, business related stuff and family things on these devices…and i barely use them…why? Seriously about 16 phines in 4 years. Half were work and weather but ither issues were softqare and senao/manufacturer just say “sorry”

As im typing my internet history erased itself, homescreen has reset but still has line so i guess its not a full reset. Bloody things are frustrating!!

Maybe this is the issue.
Are you sure you only messed with what you don’t need?

I think so. 4 hours was spent waiting on phone to load, i only stopped 6 or so things. Mostly music/tv/youtube/facebook type stuff.

I did disable chrome as well maybe that had something to do with it?

Lemme guess, a Korean brand that notoriously have secondary function for suicide bombers?

Same issue here. Even for a phone bought in China. Always try to download something. Even GoogleStore/Play was blocked for Chinese-marketed phone.

I don’t think it would.
But I find strange that you had to wait for 4h for your phone to load. Was it before or after you’ve disabled it?

It was before disabling it as it was lagging beyond possible patience. Thats why i tried disabling things.

It is an LG phone. I bought it cause its not a chinese company and the battery is removable, which is a must for a phone.

It still under warranty.
Go to the service center and ask about the problem.

They should get you a new one.

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Or save the data you need on an external storage and perform a factory reset. Then, disable the stock apps you feel are unnecessary (make sure they are not essential for others apps or the system). Only after that start downloading whatever app you need and bring back the data from your backup.
That’s what I usually do with whatever phone I buy.

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