How do I stop speaking Chinglish?

This is a very quick query that some of you old time teachers will be able to help me with.

Although I live in Taipei, I don’t have much contact with foreigners (except through this site) and I’ve noticed my own speech patterns have started to become a little Chinglish. I worry that my kids are influencing my speech, I influence theirs and it becomes a vicious circle.

Aside from speaking with more foreigners (which I aim to do… couldn’t make the HH last night)… Anybody got any tips to stop the slide into Chinglish?

Thanks…I appreciate it

By Chinglish you mean English with errors (grammatical), English that uses some Chinese grammar or usage patterns “Hey, don’t forget to close the lights when you leave…”, or English with a sprinkling of Chinese thrown in when the Chinese is a natural fit?

The answer to all three would be to crank up your internal monitor. Start being more critical of your own speech. Get internally critical of everyone else’s, too. (When someone fails to use the correct subject-verb agreement silently say it to yourself correctly-- unless that person would welcome a correction.)

To sharpen up on correct grammar and usage, you can also try doing a bit more reading. Go with a little more high-brow literature and the elevated language will act as a foil against the errors you are hearing constantly.

Read more. Quote good sentences that stick in your mind. Read more, as every bit of grammar in MOST books, is grammatically correct. (Stay away from Forest Gump and Huckelberry Finn.) :slight_smile:

Did I say read more yet?

Watch English television programs.

Thanks lads thats useful.

I think one of the things that has helped the slide has been talking to friends who attempt long rambling stories in English.

Now… if only I can stop sounding like a girl when I try to speak Chinese…

Thanks again for your quick replies… much appreciated

Thank you for that. I am so glad it’s not just me. :notworthy:

Hint: You do not have to speak like the guy or girl on the tape.

All the tones are relative to the the overall tone of your voice.

If you play music a C is a C whether it is Middle C above that or below it and all the other notes are relative to the key you play in.

WHY WHY WHY on Chinese language tapes do they insist on speaking Chinese like the BeeGees on Helium???

Ai-yo, Funk500! Don’t worry la! Evlybuddy speak little Chingrish ok la! This not Amelica or Engrand, it Taiwan! Speak Engrish and little Chinese way tu go!

I’ve noticed the same thing. I wish they could find a way to do those tapes, but with Barry White’s voice.

“Oh baby, ni hao xinggan. Ni ye zhidao wode yise”
(Oh baby, you’re so sexxxxy - you know what I mean.)

Fortigurn- No problem mate :wink:

:laughing: 914 you missed N’ gur…

I agree with both of you (Maoman and GongChangZhang)… its shame Barry died a few years back though. How about Tom Waits? or Lou Rawls?

Thanks again for your suggests… Right then, I’m off to Page One for some highbrow literature.


[quote=“Funk500”]Thanks again for your suggests…

See, its spreading…

Thanks for your suggest[color=red]ions[/color]