How do Taiwanese people feel about Taiwanese Americans?

Is there a lot of resentment against Taiwanese Americans in Taiwan? Or those Taiwanese who grew up abroad?

I feel like this question has been asked repeatedly in recent times…

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I think it’s more that OP has many threads relating to the ABT experience and general Taiwanese culture.

OP, to answer your question, I don’t think Taiwanese who grew up abroad experience resentment just for having grown up abroad. They generally have a pretty decent go of things here as long as they have a good attitude.

Not so much resentment but not knowing the way things are done here can be a hindrance.

There are people out there who resents all things foreign but in general it’s the fact that you won’t get any slack not knowing what you should have been taught because you grew up abroad, and also more difficulty getting jobs that foreigner take for granted such as teaching at a cram school with no teaching qualifications because you lack the white skin that can be used for advertisement as well as much less favorable treatment if you were to want to work in modeling agencies (again, white skin is an advertisement).

So basically you will have local standards apply to you but without the understanding that foreigners get and no white privilege to claim.

but they get to claim ABT privileges though.

It’s not a whole lot and having white skin helps a lot believe me. I’ve seen Russians land teaching jobs and their English is actually not that good.

its still a thing. ABTs are not seen as locals. infact in terms of dating they are seen as closer than white people which is a good thing for many girls here. as for english teaching jobs thats true that bosses are aiming for white people, not sure i would call it a privilege, is it a privilege that chinese can be employed in a chinese restaurant in america over white people? because this is where the mind set is coming from.

it may be if with much better pay.

I think OP is looking for work in a field that isn’t ESL teaching, but I could be wrong.

Western-born Asians definitely face some discrimination when it comes to looking for work in ESL instruction.


the thing is, the parents showing off that their kid is being taught by a ‘foreigner’ is part of the job. that part of the job doesn’t fully work(in locals point of view) if the teacher looks asian, or black. i wouldn’t say its privilege i would say its dumb. but it is what it is, that is what the job is about at the end of the day.

What I meant is they call it privilege because it pays better.

I think the teaching discussion is a bit inappropriate here since, just based on OP’s posting history, they are more interested in getting into and navigating Taiwan’s corporate world as an ABT.

Unless they’re just trying to get a discussion going about Taiwanese attitudes toward 華僑 in general?


to be honest, lots of ABCs, ABTs, CBCs in Taiwan’s financial industry with all kinds of level of Chinese from near zero to fluency. so, in short, no to your question in Taiwan’s white-collar workforce.

sure… because in the locals point of view they are not getting the full job out of someone who in their opinion doesn’t look the part. so they don’t want to pay as much. its still so-so waged english teaching job. so i wouldn’t call it privilege, and the boss is still going to treat you like their bitch even if you are white. people need to learn what the job is actually about.

More generally, some Western-born Taiwanese get dirty looks or other forms of disapproval for dressing or behaving in a way that is deemed “inappropriate” by more conservative local standards.

One of my 華僑 friends was stopped in the street one time on a hot summer day by some lady who told her she should “respect herself” by not wearing such short shorts. Similar things have occurred to her on other occasions.

But that type of shit never happens to me. Probably in part because some people assume I’m too foreign to count/might not be able to speak Chinese anyway, and in part because I look much too vicious to risk approaching with some nonsense like that. :rofl:


how does that work then? the local girls wear super short shorts. i’ve seen my fair share of bare ass butt cheeks on show… seems like its not a big deal to locals.

Probably just a bit of bad luck on her part, I imagine. I guess she just looks too approachable.

i get dirty disproving looks everytime i walk outside :rofl:

Only one thing to do



i get dirty disproving looks everytime i walk outside :rofl:

I get that too all the time, but I’m only Western

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