How do Taiwan's cops REALLY treat us foreigners?

Now THAT’s hilarious!

I often see people drinking beer and driving, especially delivery van drivers. The blue truck blokes favor that deer horn brew.

[quote=“Infidel”][quote=“SuchAFob”]Moral of the story.
Taiwan cops are fucking worthless.[/quote]

I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, they are poorly trained, and armed, which makes them worse than worthless.[/quote]

First of all, everything depends on where you are, who you meet, and under what circumstances. The stories I gave, both of them partly made up because I had to imagine the dialogue, make the police out to be idiots.

But that’s not the whole story. There are cops in Taiwan who do their best. Truth be said, they are often poorly equipped and overwhelmed. How do two cops on a 150 scooter or bike catch a group of hoodlums on souped up scooters that throw bricks and U-locks at you?

That’s awesome! I’d love to have seen that with my own eyes.

You’re right though, back in Genovia I’d get a royal beating for pulling a stunt like that.