How do the games and claw machines at the night markets work?

I just don’t understand why those japanese style arcades with brand new machines never came to Taiwan. I would have thought all the love for japanese things would have meant there was a decent market for them here. But all there is is old machines and coin pushers at toms world

good question. My shot in the dark is that kids here just like their Switches too much. The pandemic years have not helped either…

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Yeah maybe you are right. Or maybe it’s the mobile phone addiction. Or maybe japanese children just have more time. Japanese school days are shorter. Even though they have buxiban, they probably do get slightly more time

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Pachinko and arcades are prohibited I believe, done in the A-bien era.

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So then what about toms world?

Just kids stuff.

Oh got it.

What’s even the justification behind this rule?

Gambling addiction. Protecting youngsters.

Ha funny

No gambling but plenty of pachinko, claw machines, gotchapon machines and marjhong table shops

Not to mention predatory mobile phone games


There’s pachinko in tamsui old street

I’ve seen another parlor in Taipei on blue line where that fancy mall is (it has the UFC gym and a big Zara)

I’m sure there are others but I wasn’t paying much attention

They are old school pachinko though. None of the ultra high tech Japanese machines