How do the games and claw machines at the night markets work?


these nasty things are still multiplying. there was a pretty new brekfast shop near my house. well now its just another claw machine place… how long until 100% of shops are taken over? taiwanese care about the evil wai guo ren stealing their women and taking over their jobs but they are cool with the cancerous claw machines taking over everything?

i partially put it down to the man-childism thats very common here. someone who has actually grown up would have no need to play these games… more than once.


I see women in those places pretty frequently too.


In my neighborhood it’s mostly immigrant workers from SEA, having a couple of beers and spending hours in these places on a Saturday night.


woman-childism is definitely a thing here too.


Yeah, no kidding.



They can completely control how forcefully it grabs the item. They are scam artists.


Places where landlords are too greedy or can’t rent out their property will mostly have a claw machine place.
And as I posted before, it’s not about the toy, it’s the gambling behind. They can exchange the toy for money in some place around there. No adult man will take home a plush pussy doll!




I think this is more a “wai guo ren” fantasy than reality.
I bet the vast majority of Taiwanese do not have this on their mind at all.


In my experience, this is a pretty common attitude among Taiwanese men. It may not be the majority, but it’s a lot nonetheless.


I have been asked a couple of times why I have a Taiwanese wife and I was told that me being here is unfair, as if Taiwanese men can’t compete.
My reply is usually along the lines of: So what about Vietnamese men? Do you think stealing their girls is fair to them? No good answer so far.


Was that said to you tongue in cheek?


It also implies that Taiwanese women shouldn’t be allowed to make their own decision about who they can choose as their partner. If I were a Taiwanese woman, I’d find that insulting as hell.


I don’t think so. As @Dr_Milker implied, there is a certain macho/possessiveness culture, where the 大哥 decides what the poor little 妹妹 gets to do (even if they are not related).
The worst case was a pawn shop owner around 3 yrs ago, who invited me to drink tea and then went all mad about this topic. After hearing my Vietnam reply he got so angry that I left.


well i was making a joke but theres truth to it. if you can read chinese check out the facebook comments everytime there’s some foreigner news story…better you don’t even.
its a negative wave of shit, reading it has no redeeming value.


fixed :slight_smile:


i get your smart arse point. but the standard comments have 95% less yang chang.


I put a smilie :smiley:


They got much better prizes than that, I’m good at the claw games, you can win useable items. You got to learn the mechanics of the claw, there is a way to claw and a way not to claw…


I have hooves, so I think I’ll pass…