How do the games and claw machines at the night markets work?


Don’t choose the cage that’s packed tight, go with your buddy to watch that hook from the side, get the hook round the arm or handle and claw it like you mean it


It’s the follow-up to Pachinko, now illegal, claw machines are a gambling front. But as long as they stay outside 200m from a school and no one complains the law does not interfere.


Really? Gambling how?


It’s a game of chance, not a game of skill. Most people have the same odds, with a few people totally clueless and uncoordinated.


Yeah but BP seems to be saying there’s more gambling going on than that.


They have a place somewhere where you can exchange the toy for money. Same as pachinko, the places had only machines and ‘prices’ which you could go exchange at another place for money. Police raided many of them and A-Bian made them illegal.


That would certainly explain why there are so many of them. They usually look suspiciously empty though.


Not at night!


Interesting. Makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard! I’ll try and inquire one day


As long as they exist, I always wondered why only adult men play the claws. Just no and then some moms or dads withe a kid.
One day I got the answer.


I hate them so much. The are a pink flashing embodiment of everything that is wrong in Taiwan. Short-Termism, Corruption, landlordism and a few others.


it’s not all luck tis a skill too. That’s why I was banished from many hook stores cause I know how to hook that claw


They probably know that. And they are trying to increase the lucky portion of it, such as I saw some machines with extra parts
(rubber bands and wood pieces) to increase the randomness of the rebound:

Now the high price of 1880!


It is gambling because many machines say they will pay out after a certain amount is paid in.

So lots of folks like the guy above think erroneously they can get it quickly though skill or luck.

When they can’t they then rationalise to themselves I already spent 500 I may as well spend another 500 and get the prize.

I think they are preying on addictive personalities.
In the old days the claw machines never had a guaranteed pay out. Also they wouldn’t put in such supposedly 'high value ’ products . But if you look the products are usually only worth 100 nt cost at most.

I feel they are just a legal alternative to one armed bandits.


Chinese guys?

I find that difficult to believe…:ponder:


3 per block in Gongguan. Right on Roosevelt.

I see them and I wonder what money they are laundering. Party assets, drug money, Mainland investments…pick your poison. Best case scenario is just evading taxes.




It is 100% gambling. Although there are some skills that make it in your favor especially if you have self control looking for the right machine and walking away. I know even I’m battling to walk away when I lose and know I should just walk away and i’m not a gambling addict. Buts it’s 10nt so it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Def hits the same rewards reciptors as drug addicts and gambling addicts from hearing gambling addicts describe it.


Many years ago I went to Vegas for a day, I told myself I’d spend one (1) US$ then walk away from the slot machine, I did. And no, the next player didn’t get the big jackpot!


So then you went to the high stakes table.