How do the games and claw machines at the night markets work?


I went to the all you can eat buffet. Than to sleep in a friggin’ dirty 20$ Motel. Did I know that you could get nice cheap rooms at the big casino hotels? NO! Stupid!

I spent like 40 US$ in Vegas, must’ve been a record low!


So that’s $1 at the slots, $20 for the hotel, and $10 for the buffet. What did you spend the other $9 on? :slight_smile:


What happens in Vegas…


Darn I spent too much for the buffet and a some dimes for the bed massage thing.


Sounds like a REALLY cheap happy ending, even for Vegas.


It may be cheap, but a full-body vibrator feels like a million bucks. :wink:


“Survey shows claw machine issues
HOOKED:Among surveyed schoolchildren, 32.7% said they play with a claw machine one to three days out of the week, while 4.1% said they play every day”

Today’s news in TT

Now this is a specially dumb remark:
"While 19.7 percent said they have seen merchandise that makes them feel uncomfortable in claw machines, 4.9 percent said they have been harassed or bullied, or got into fights at a claw machine arcade, he said.

“Children have the right to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age, as specified in Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,” Ho said. “Playing allows children to cultivate their creativity and imagination, become more sympathetic, improve their dexterity and develop more confidence.”

However, children need guidance when playing to prevent harm and in the case of claw machines, because when unsupervised, some children might spend more money than they should, she said."

So, claw machines will “cultivate their creativity and imagination, become more sympathetic, improve their dexterity and develop more confidence.” :thinking::poop:


They keep improving the challenges!


Is that real?


Yep, but illegal. Let’s see how long it lasts.


Some hijo de su grandísima put a bird inside one of the machines. Cops were called. Bird safely out now.




Hope this bubble will burst soon. My old hair salon is a claw machine place now, another one just opened next to my MRT station. I see them popping up now in areas where the rent is quite high, not sure how that will work out.


According to the article renting space costs 5k. Is that for one machine? wonder how much electricity they use. Can all the machines really earn back enough to turn a profit


They are right on Roosevelt by Gongguan MRT. That ain’t cheap by any means. Nuts.


"As claw game outlets continue their rampant growth, many traditional retailers like those who sell mobile phone parts, shoes and clothes, as well as restaurants, are forced to close because they are either facing rising rental prices or increased labor costs following the labor law amendment in late 2016. The retailers and restaurant owners who can’t breakeven choose to end their business, meaning many people will be put out of work amid the closures. "

so these places get to exist because they are cheaper to run than paying some staff and decorations. oh and the fact that people play them, thats the part i don’t understand.

can’t they make a claw only area law or something. night markets or something like that. what point is crossing the line? claw machines already look like they are 50% of all business’s in taiwan. is it going to take until 90% until people actually do something about it?


"During an interview with “Business Weekly”, Vice Chairman Ji Fu-teng of the Gift Claim Vender Associations of Taiwan said, “Claw machines belong to the bottom-end economy”. The so-called “low-end economy” means the economic activities thriving among the lower and middle classes in the M-shaped society of Taiwan where real wages have fallen back to the levels of 17 years ago. It is a business tendency marked by “low cost, low spending”.

Another article says:
"Claw machines are defined as “selective vending machines,” as they must guarantee a certain success ratio, Taoyuan Economic Development Bureau Director Chu Sung-wei (朱松偉) said, citing the Statute Regulating Arcades and Gaming Facilities (電子遊戲場管理條例).

The machines’ categorization affords them the same treatment as common vending machines, which only require license registration, Chu said."

Who created this loophole?


Did you read the part where it says ‘tax’? The government gets almost NT$ 800 million of it (during the first ten months of 2017, becoming the fourth largest source of tax income in entertainment industry), why go against the money flow?


I can’t see how they are all making money when there are so many. I don’t see the attraction to playing them as we know the prizes must be really cheap and low quality. I don’t know who is playing them but certainly not my family. Me and my wife are teaching our children that such things are a waste of money.


Because they’re not solely for amusement, they are a cover for gambling, some pay out real money but you need to know how that system works.