How do we get our baby in pictures?

How do we get our baby in pictures?

Many people tell us our mixed child is cute and ought to be in pictures. I have to pry cheek pinchers away from our daughter. Anyway, are there any agencies in the Kaohsiung area? If there are none in Kaohsiung what how about Taipei?

What kind of photos do we need to send them? Since this is not a career, would good quality snaps shots be enough? I’m sure if they wanted our daughter they contact us.

Has anyone let their child model for a photo shoot or commercial? How much would the child earn? How long would it take and how did they treat your child?

Look up a portfolio on the net. Imitate the shots and send them.

Sharky’s kids have done some modeling (here in Taipei). I think she’s away until tomorrow but she could probably give you the contact info for the agent in Tienmu.

I have a friend whose two kids make a pretty decent amount of money doing quite a few of these, and have a good time too. I heard it was something like $1000/hour and I think they must treat the kids well or there wouldn’t be so many parents willing to do it.

Put my boy down too

[quote=“Bassman”]Put my boy down too[/quote]You cruel heartless… thing. He’s all grown up and he’s not so cute anymore ? Or he’s not living up with your expections so you just want to put him down ? Oh, sorry :blush: misunderstood you there.

Yes look what happened to Gary Coleman. He’s washing cars in lala land.

I have the email address of a dude who recruits models. What’s in it for me?

Whadda yah want? Actually, we are far from needing o put our daughter to work for us. This is just something I’d like to do to show the folks back home.

If my daughter is cute enough to get a regular high paying photo engagements to help pay for her college education, heck, I’ll get you something…
Like your avitar!

What are you talking about? He’s going to be the next governor of California! :shock:

I want gold.

Jeff wrote [quote]What are you talking about? He’s going to be the next governor of California! [/quote]Maybe so, but he’ll still be wiping windscreens until election day.

Painting, cameras…its easy, unless you men to get meta-physical here. Do you really need to ask this kind of question? If you are sincere you would shop for an agent like you shop for diapers.

You sound to me a little too much like just a proud ol’ papa.

No worries there, matey. We’re all guilty of that. My kids can out cute your kids!


I know someone who’s in the local mother-baby magazines. She says you don’t get a cent.