How do we know the school is legal?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to know. If we approach a bushiban, how can we be sure they are legal, and are in the position to sponsor our ARC and National health etc. Aside from asking them directly “how many years have you been in business” is there like a government agency or regulatory body which you can contact who can tell you if the school is legal or not? I read in this forum that usually at the front reception wall they will have a certificate hanging up that testifies to them being a legal business entity. But assuming that not all bushibans follow this practice, how else can we be sure?


Hello there,
I don’t work at any busiban or school.
But hope the following link would help you a bit.


If they can offer you an ARC, they are probbaly legal. That site above is not reliable. What is wrong with asking them a direct question? You should look at any job interview as an opportunity to interview the employer as well. And that particular question may or may not mean they are legal. Furthermore, from my experience, many schools are “legal”, but take part in illegal activites. Welcome to greyville. :wink:

Thanks guys