How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at cross walks?

But does it change the police officers who stand and look at such vehicles breaking rules and not caring one bit ?




Probably not.

Lots of problems but band aid fixes still seem to be popular. Still have issues with lack of sidewalks, crosswalks, Taiwan Power company electrical boxes in the way, etc.


Republic of Shit Driving


Probably will at Chinese New Year bonus time. Quicker to get their bonuses. Less fines to hand out. Then more time to watch cars trying to run over pedestrians at crossings.

16 year old boy in Taichung sees a line of illegally parked cars in front of a kindergarten sitting in the road. As he is taking a picture one of the parents comes over and wrestles the teenager’s phone from him, knocks his glasses to the ground, and pins him against the ground/car which injured him and at some point choking him.

The offender said to the boy afterwards, in front of a police officer, “I hope you, please be considerate of the kindergarten parents”, "I will not remind you again in the future. Anything about you, if you want an injury test/ check up, go for an injury test/check up.”

Police are investigating it.

This man is another nutjob.


Taiwanese themselves are angered by the selfish driving here and they resign themselves to the reality that non-enforcement and excusing wealthy/connected violators is the norm. Some of the article comments…

會發生少年檢舉違停一事的根本原因是台中市警察失職,讓這種違停狀況天天發生(例假日除外)。The root cause of juveniles reporting parking violations is the dereliction of duty of the Taichung City police, which makes such parking violations happen every day (except holidays).

事情到最後可能被壓下去,因為讀雙語幼兒園的家長們,很多有錢有勢的人,政府官員不會得罪他們。Things may be suppressed in the end, because the parents of bilingual kindergartens, many rich and powerful people, government officials will not offend them.

垃圾家長養國家未來垃圾 真是可喜可賀 It’s really gratifying for the garbage parents to raise the country’s future garbage

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As the victim himself says in a Facebool post…“illegal parking is the right thing, reporting is the wrong thing?”. Why is he even standing there in front od the victim he insulted a day later with cameras and police…same as how they brought the bus driver in front of the survicing husband after having just lost his wife and child…

When will enough be enough.
When will there be protests, call for real actions.
Hell there are people that protest AGAINST sidewalks.

Not crap like Taichung Mayor coming out for a photo op after mother and son are runned down by a bus. I’m tired of seeing friends, family, people in general being senselessly hurt and killed.


Starting in March Taipei city will start moving some scooter parking off of the sidewalks and put them on the road by cutting out space from the sidewalks. Starting with RenAi Rd. 1st Sec. and DunHua N. Rd. This is to get scooters away from pedestrians and potentially blocking entire sections of sidewalks with scooters. If the project/change is “successful” it will be expanded to all of Taipei city eventually.


Meanwhile in Kaoshiung, check out this “sidewalk”. Looks like a road and quite a few scooters driving down it and most people seem to have no idea. Pedestrians don’t feel safe walking on it because they are worried about being hit from behind by a car or scooter.


People just don’t care. I got in front of a porsche SUV at a red light today, he went fast when the light changed, I could hear his engine roar so I opened it up so as not to be a dick and slow him down. Ahead there was a line of cars moving at the speed limit, so i moved over to the little scooter lane. So did he, what a dick. As I’m approaching a light it turns yellow so foolishly I start to slow down and he cuts back left in the small space between the front car in the line and me so he can run the red light. He was close enough that I felt him.

I should have moved to the scooter lane and let him pass as soon as he started driving aggressively, or I should have gone through the red because I knew the SUV was behind me in the scooter lane.

I also today had another experience where I could have cut in front of pedestrians crossing when I turned right, but I waited, and instead of crossing all the way to the end they turned and started walking down the scooter lane, leaving me to puttputt slowly behind them

The moral of the story is, assume everyone else is going to be an asshole and drive accordingly?


Probably good news, but:

2023 and Taipei is denying space for pedestrians to give it to noisy and stinky motor vehicles.

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No in Taiwan :grin:

On the smaller sidewalks definitely prefer they didn’t take away any space, but on the wider sidewalks I don’t really care as long as it gets these obnoxious scooters and the riders off the sidewalk. Real tired of people riding up behind me all the way down the block under a qilou and honking at me when they could just ride down the road instead.

Not unusual to see this kind of scenario…walking on the sidewalk and getting honked at from scooters illegally driving on the sidewalk. Some even have the nerve to ask you to let them go in front of you after honking at you…on the sidewalk.


Taipei fails to fix pedestrian issue - Taipei Times

Quote from the article:

Most people who park on those spaces turn off the engine of their scooter before pushing it onto the sidewalk. The risk that they harm pedestrians is slim.

I see the opposite most of the time. People drive on the sidewalk. Not sure where he lives!


No idea what the author has seen but I have never seen that. Not a single time have I seen someone shut off their scooter engine and push it on to the sidewalk/sidewalk parking.


I can’t remember the last time I saw someone pushing a scooter. Damn, they change clothes, take off helmet and store everything before turning off the engine.

This paragraph is golden too:

As a descendant of a notable family, Chiang perhaps does not need a motorcycle to get around Taipei and worry about parking. Maybe this is why he does not fully understand the importance of parking spaces for people who commute to work in central Taipei by scooter.

I must be a descendant of a notable family too, because I can live in Taipei without a scooter (or a car).

If someone needs a parking space: pay for it.


The closest thing I see, fairly often and mostly old ladies, is pulling the scooter out of the spot. Without looking, of course. And then stopping to arrange themselves, bags and helmets, and only then getting on, starting and riding away. Again without looking, of course. But they do this on the roads as well, not really sidewalk specific


That’s most people I’ve seen with scooters here. Doesn’t really seem to be an age thing from what I’ve seen.

Scooterland. No parking lines anywhere but scooters all over the sidewalk. Bus stop by Sogo and the 6th Market in Taichung. Very hard to get from the sidewalk to the bus. Some Japanese were getting on too and they had a pretty hard time squeezing by the scooters to get on the bus.

One of the things I love about the white plate is the ease of parking. Don’t have to be an assh*le about it because I don’t mind walking a few blocks and can always find a reasonable spot

Down here, anyways, young people seem more likely to get on, and start up, and look around, and then cut me off :grin:

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