How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

Found a video of the scooter rider in Kaoshiung turned left without looking and got his by a car that is playing in real-time instead of the slowed down versions on the news. From here it can be seen that the car driver has maybe less than half a second to even react.

出包 on Instagram: "5/22高雄市鼓山 高雄市鼓山區22日中午1點37分,警消獲報,鼓山區裕誠路、華榮路口發生一起車禍。一名劉姓男大生騎乘機車於路口左轉時,不慎與對向直行的白色賓利轎車發生碰撞,導致劉男當場噴飛,傷勢嚴重仍在救治中,而整起事發經過也被目擊民眾錄下。 警方表示,該處路口不需兩段式左轉,當時22歲劉姓男大生騎乘機車沿裕誠路行駛,路口號誌燈為綠燈時,要左轉駛向華榮路,未料卻與對向的30歲李姓男子駕駛的白色賓利發生碰撞,導致劉姓男大生頭部、身體多處受傷,目前仍在加護病房救治,而李姓駕駛則未受傷。 警方初步調查,劉姓男大生疑似跟隨在公車後方,導致行車視線受阻,沒發現對向有來車,左轉時才會與對向直行車發生碰撞。經檢測,雙方駕駛均無酒精反應,詳細肇事原因仍有待進一步釐清。ETtoday 新聞雲"

But what was the speed of the car? Seems fast for that video

Probably too fast. Too easy to go fast in a car, often in high traffic situation like this the forward creep of a car is often about the right speed, which is about 20 miles per hour.

Seems about the same speed as the bus and other vehicles, and the car came to a full stop right after the collision

The scooter was going about the same speed when they started turning too early and without checking for oncoming traffic. As much as I usually defend motorcyclists and hate on luxury car drivers, in this case it seems pretty clear who is to blame

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Who would have thought that motorists don’t reduce their speed at intersections with exactly zero features to reduce vehicle speed!

Almost as incredible as vehicles doing highway speeds in stroads with painted speed limits of 40-60 km/h.

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What a great crosswalk, courtesy of Taichung.

According to the article there are over 500 places in Taichung where electrical/telecomunication boxes are obstructions for pedestrians. It’s being dealt with in 3 stages, currently a little over 100 of them have been take care of.


Really? So I should stop taking my car to the dedicated test center and bring it to my local mechanic? Or do we need another fact check on aisle 4?


Taken care of or “taken care of”? :cold_sweat:

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These statements sort of remind me when I found out that my job didn’t pay my health insurance premium for one month because of the summer vacation. HR’s response was, “oh, don’t worry. It’s no big deal”. I pointed out that for them it was no big deal, but for me it was. They looked confused because that wasn’t supposed to be the correct response to their fuck-up.

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I’ve noticed that often cars and scooters increase their speed at intersections because the light is about to turn red. This car is definitely moving faster than the bus going in the opposite direction. Wether it was over the speed limit or if the light was about to turn, I can’t tell.

Either way, the scooter should have entered the intersection and checked for oncoming rraffic before beginning to turn

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Oh, definitely. I see people cutting the corner all the time. It’s just a matter of time before they get plowed over or they slam into someone.

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I don’t know why nobody ever proposed this: why can’t we bar cars and scooters from night markets and traditional markets? They’re fun but vehicles don’t belong in the market.

It would make night markets much better.


Apparently the argument started because the front car stopped for pedestrians to cross and the following car wasn’t happy about having to wait.

Pepper spray vs meat cleaver.