How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

During scooter education do they only have you drive around a course or do they actually take you on the road?

On the Facebook post it seems like she’s trying. The daughter seems to be asking for people who were witnesses or have any footage of the incident.

In other news Kinmen police officers are “cracking down” on illegally parked vehicles.

In Taoyuan Lotte Baseball Stadium had 80 cases of illegal parking on the sidewalk. To me that looks like almost every park in Taichung city. At ZhongZheng Park next to China Medical University, you know where the mother and child were killed crossing the street, you can see hundreds of illegally parked scooters on the sidewalk. If you had an officer stationed there you could easily rack up 400+ tickets on a Sat./Sun. if you took it easy.

Here’s a picture of that area next to the bus stop from when I was there a couple weeks ago on a good day with less scooters.


looks like most of those are driver buxibans lol, if they take you on the road it’s only barely. I know most of them have their own practice lot because I tried to practice at one and got shooed off. So I’d guess no.

There should be fines for not yielding to passengers boarding/getting off the bust at bus stops. It’s ridiculous how many people try to run down so many elderly and kids and people in general just to get to a red light a few meters ahead. Injuring a pedestrian/passenger in a bus stop should be a significantly heavier fine and suspension of driver’s license.


Taxi driver, drove without a license for 14 years, who hit 2 pedestrians (father and baby girl) crossing the street on a crosswalk and fractured the baby girl’s bones sentenced to just 7 months in prison. Incident happened 2 years ago in Wanhua, Taipei. Despite not having a license for so long the driver continued to drive passengers and operate as a taxi.

The driver also had 103 unpaid tickets which he refused to pay. If I understand correctly even if his vehicle was impounded then it was very easy to get it back by using friend who has a driver license.

What a joke.


Because driving without a license isn’t even a crime here, there’s no point getting a license.

It’s like guys parking illegally, fine is so low that they just keep doing it.

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Wow, watch out!


If the passing rate is less than 50%, the problem is not that it is too easy. As the article points out, the practical test is not actually practical.

Who’s gonna teach it?

Do you mean the required process, or some optional private paid education?

#54 bus in Taichung over by Feng Chia didn’t yield to a pedestrian and the bus driver even cursed at her over the microphone. The excuse was that she suddenly started running out towards the bus. She was already on the (uncontrolled crossing) crosswalk when the cammer’s vehicle stopped to yield to her but the bus didn’t even though she was in clear view.

When the new’s crew asks some people they say nothing has really changed at Feng Chia. When I was there a few weeks ago it seemed about the same as usual. Even at the school’s main gate tons of students on scooters flying down the road and not yielding for students crossing at the cross walk.


Ooooh! Finally I get it. Thanks!

My guess…

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A sidewalk right next to a park in Taoyuan. At least you would’ve been able to get around it without having to go into the road if they didn’t put those planter boxes there…


they just put the guy wire there to make sure you’re paying attention and not walking distracted on your phone. Distracted walking is drunk walking!

I appreciate that Taiwan made some effort to paint that green walkway for pedestrians. But it’s largely useless there’s always scooters racing down it. Not much they can do as this country was built when cars were tiny and people were very poor.

Other countries were built even earlier and managed better. Poor excuse.


My guess is political will to do anything is low, or the political cost is very high.

If only Taiwanese people held the Minister of Transport accountable for road deaths the same way they hold the Minister of Agriculture accountable for wasting eggs.


Lots of stuff to do. Recently in reddit they where posting that they are building a road on New Taipei river side. They clearly have priorities for cars and going backwards.


Taiwanese are responsible for road deaths.


I think a lot of it is American influences. In America cars have priority, and so they do the same here.