How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

So long enough for them to notice you and get a baseball bat out.


What is the logic in having to see them get in and out of the car? Is there a possibility the car was warped to that spot by aliens and so they are not responsible?

Seriously what is the logic here???

If they didn’t get out, then they were stopping and not parking. I think the laws against parking and temporary parking don’t apply to drivers who are only stopped (without getting out of their cars). I think there are other laws governing that.

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I asked Chat GPT’s free image generator to update this classic. This is what I got. :thinking:



Why would cars that are just stopped need reporting?

If someone is sat inside it doesn’t necessarily mean the car is only ‘stopping’ either.

Sounds like a bullshit loophole to stop cars from being reported. Whoever made these rules: Grow up you fence sitting spineless little pricks, and make some grown up rules!



I believe that’s just 面子 culture.

Yea. Just weird that parking like a prick and killing people isnt much of a face loss


An interesting podcast about this problem and a possible solution to reducing deaths and injuries.


Taichung Transportation Bureau sharing some info. on how much work they’ve been doing last year.

Google translated:

Annual Review Planning Intersection Improvement Project ING Traffic Safety Upgraded🆙
:mega:Actively improve urban transportation and continue to improve pedestrian safety​:bangbang:
We are accelerating the addition of new line crossings, green zebras, shelter islands, and marked sidewalks :green_square::white_large_square:
Adjustment of signal timings during pedestrian-only or early opening (pedestrian priority) phases, etc.:vertical_traffic_light:
It also takes a comprehensive inventory of schools, hospitals, business districts, and national sports centers in the city🏫
and pedestrian intersections around 20 major public transportation stations🚸
As of the end of last year, we have added and adjusted :small_red_triangle_down:
:small_orange_diamond:Pedestrian shelter islands: 210
:small_orange_diamond:Retreated crosswalks: 135 places
:small_orange_diamond:Marked sidewalks (i.e. painted sidewalks): 162
:small_orange_diamond:Green pedestrian crossings (green zebra): 690 locations
:small_orange_diamond:Pedestrian phase: 131 locations
:small_orange_diamond:Pedestrian early opening phase (Pedestrians have priority): 329 places
Next year, we will continue to review other traffic accident hot spots on a rolling basis to improve early warning💪
Use time and space to separate pedestrians and vehicles to effectively improve pedestrian safety🚶

I will say great, it’s something, especially the pedestrian islands and it’s honestly a bit more than I expected the city to get done. Interestingly enough zero mention on number of physical sidewalks they’ve built last year…I wonder how much of it is the Construction Bureau dragging their feet as the Transportation Bureau can’t do physical sidewalks themselves…has to be done by the Construction Bureau if I understand correctly.

Also an article about investment in more parking lots/buildings.
It shows up in English for me when you click the link.

Central City invested tens of billions to build 33 parking lots


I don’t think physical sidewalks are part of their plan. To Taiwanese people, green paint is no different from a physical sidewalk.


I wonder about statistics for accidents, infractions, and enforcements? If accidents are up and enforcement is down. The rest is just window dressing, isn’t it?

The pedestrian phase is good, though

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Looking at the quality of this new sidewalk in Toufen, Miaoli… Maybe they really need some fresh blood out there directing things.

New sidewalk in Toufen that was finished last year already looks like crap. Narrow and trees all the way…and of course the roots come up and deform the sidewalk so people in wheelchairs are still forced into the road. This project cost more than 20 million NTD. How much more will be spent to fix it?


Which political party is in
control of Miaoli?
Edit ;The KMT. Get what they vote for I guess.

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In Kaoshiung another pedestrian island was hit by a left turning driver who starts turning right away when the light turns green… It’s the 3rd time this one has been hit recently. One case being a driver going straight drove straight into it. Some drivers complained about the design. It has a sign/pole right on the thing. You have to be blind to miss it, not to mention performing a left turn wrong.

371 tickets issued in just 2 weeks at Changhua train station area due to many scooter illegally parked on the sidewalk behind the station. There is a nearby parking lot that is only 10NT/hour (max 40NT a day).

Lady is interviewed by a reporter and she says she has no idea you can’t park there, just follows everyone else. It should be common sense that you can’t park on sidewalks, but when you constantly put parking on sidewalks then what do you expect…people just follow without thinking and see other people do it and follow suit.

Many of Taichung’s train stations have quite a lot of illegal parking from what I’ve noticed riding YouBike nearby on the Green Corridor bike path. Seems kind of embarrassing that they can’t even keep scooters off of the sidewalk at the main station at least.


They might be complaining that it’s too narrow, and blocked by the A-pillar. I’d say make them wider, and pedestrians will actually be able to stand in them.


What actually is the pedestrian phase though? Is it like the same as in Taipei where its at very busy crossroads at certain times of day or are they on actual normal crossings?

Open season, something like this?

Believe it or not, THIS THREAD is what popped up in Google when I searched for “Monty Python cars jumping on pedestrians GIF”, but Google didn’t lead me to that specific post correctly, and no way I’m scrolling through 4581 posts to find whoever already linked it above. I dunno, maybe it was me.


Sidewalks today. Also lots of left over trash that a lot of shops didn’t clean up.


So . . . do those patterns indicate an infinite lack of social consciousness, or an infinite amount of self-centeredness?

Yes, yesterday really pissed me off. :rant: