How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

“Numbers of drunk driving accidents are way down” ~the police and the ministry of transportation during the next press conference about pedestrian hell


From breathalyzing little kids because it’s SOP to breathalyzing no one at all.

Someone somewhere “有改善!”

This has been shared around online a bit yesterday and today.

Someone leaves a comment showing Taiwan’s green painted sidewalks.

Also this comment mentioned something that many people in Taiwan say for why they don’t stop at stop signs or in the case of some people think it’s a unique problem to Taiwan. The problem is worse in Taiwan compared to what I’m used to back home or other countries I’ve visited (which isn’t a whole lot I suppose), especially since the police and MOTC aren’t doing anything about illegal parking. Even then the law already covers this anyways as far as basic “SOP”…come to a full stop then proceed when safe to do so. If you can’t see because of obstacles or stuff blocking your view then slowly move forward to get a better view and then when safe to do so proceed.

Hell I even shared a video of a lady doing exactly that when driving her car at a flashing red. She got pulled over by a police officer who wrote her a ticket…

Turns out sidewalks, extended curbs at junctions, and getting rid of illegally parked cars would make these a lot safer.


This could also be increasing because an increase in enforcement / checking. It’s kind of hard to tell unless the number of total checks is also disclosed.


Could be increased checking at accidents due to increased accidents due to increased drunken driving due to the general lack of enforcement


Taiwan’s road safety not improving despite efforts


Proposed changes are in the news again. Basically same as before, so expected to go into effect in June at the earliest.

Edit: English article from Taiwan News

New Taiwan law halts public reporting of 10 traffic violations

Google translated CNA article:

The Legislative Yuan’s third reading restricts reports of traffic violations, except for failure to wear a safety helmet and illegal parking on sidewalks.

The Legislative Yuan will amend and pass some provisions of the Road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations during the third reading today, limiting the items that the public can report on traffic violations, but retaining the provisions such as riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, illegal parking of cars on sidewalks and crossing lanes, and occupying special parking spaces for people with disabilities. Reporting is still open. The Ministry of Transport said it could be implemented as early as June.

The new traffic system, which was put on the road in June last year, caused a backlash among professional drivers such as taxis due to the tightened registration points and the addition of 13 traffic violations that were open to public reporting. The Executive Yuan will pass the “Draft Amendment to Certain Articles of the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations” proposed by the Ministry of Transportation on March 7. Ten minor violations, including temporary stops, with a maximum fine of less than NT$1,200, will not be open to public reporting.

The Legislative Yuan will amend some provisions of the Road Traffic Management Punishment Ordinance on the third reading today, clarifying that riding a motorcycle while holding a mobile phone while talking, smoking by a car or motorcycle driver affects the driving safety of others, reversing without showing lights or not paying attention to pedestrians, and large vehicles reversing without someone behind them. Wait, the public is not allowed to report.

The third reading article also clearly stipulates that temporary parking is required at bridges, tunnels, circles, opposite obstacles, and express lanes; temporary parking at intersections, within 10 meters of bus hailing stations, and 5 meters of fire truck entrances and exits; at airports and stations , docks, schools, entertainment, exhibitions, competitions, markets, or other public places entrances and exits or parking in front of fire hydrants, etc., are not open to public reporting.

However, the third reading article also retains the provisions for not wearing a helmet as required when riding a motorcycle, illegal temporary parking of cars on sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, and cars not parking in the direction of traffic on the grounds that it is related to the safety of pedestrians, the life safety of motorcycle drivers, and the protection of the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. As well as items such as cars occupying parking spaces for disabled people, public reports are still open to the public.

In addition, the third reading article also clearly stipulates that the points for violation will be limited to those who are stopped and checked by the police on the spot and the identity of the driver can be confirmed to be included in the points, excluding situations such as direct reports, technological law enforcement and public reports, and amend the deduction for road traffic safety training. The number of violation points, which can be deducted from 2 points once a year, is relaxed to 4 points can be deducted twice a year.

Lin Fushan, director of the Department of Public Transport and Supervision of the Ministry of Transport, said in a recent interview that the Legislative Yuan passed the third reading during this session. Since the new regulations do not require related preparations for implementation, it is expected to take effect as soon as June.

In addition, the Legislative Yuan also passed an accompanying resolution requiring the Ministry of Transportation to submit a written report to the Transportation Committee of the Legislative Yuan on the actual improvement progress of road engineering and pedestrian environment, parking, boarding and alighting, etc. within one year after the revised law is implemented.

Below are the 8 things that aren’t allowed to be reported.

You can’t report someone for illegally parking in a tunnel or the fast lane…wtf?

I guess this probably will get an English article in a day or so.


Lol what efforts?? I just wonder what are they doing with all the extra money to improve the safety


Probably these flashing blue and red lights they have all over the place.

The flashing frequency seems high and they genuinely make me uncomfortable when I’m unlucky enough to get a red light next to one of these and have to have it flashing on my face for 30+ seconds.


Minor problem!


I was going to say the same thing.


Update about the girls that were hit when crossing the road with their brother by an unlicensed driver in Changhua a couple of months ago. It’s been 83 days.

Google translated article:

A little sister from Changhua is in a coma and is in critical condition! The mother cried bitterly outside the ward: I want to hear you call me mom again.

The three siblings of the Chen family in Shengang Township, Changhua County were involved in a car accident in February this year. The two sisters are still lying in the hospital. The elder sister was originally recovering in a stable condition, but unexpectedly she suddenly fell into a severe coma a few days ago. The younger sister’s coma index is still only 3, and both the pupils of the eyes are dilated and unresponsive to light. It is reported that the family members have signed a DNR (disclaimer of first aid consent). Although the biological mother of the two little sisters has remarried, she has been visiting the hospital almost every day since the car accident. The mother is reluctant to leave her and sheds tears every time she talks about her children. She said, “I originally made an appointment with my eldest daughter to celebrate her birthday together,” but now I most want to hear my daughter call me “Mom” again.

A sister who was involved in a car accident in Shenkang, Changhua, in February this year, was recovering in a stable condition. She could not only watch TV, but also blink and respond, which made the medical staff excited. Unexpectedly, she suddenly fell into a severe coma due to acute hydrocephalus. , the coma index remained at 3. Although the family reluctantly signed a DNR (disclaimer of first aid consent), the hospital still worked hard to treat her.

In early May, my sister was transferred from Changhua Christian Hospital to Hanming Christian Hospital for follow-up care. Chen Zhihui, director of Hanji Hospital, revealed that Chen Xiaomei’s coma index was 3, her pupils were dilated, she did not respond to light, and her ability to breathe on her own was poor. However, the resilience of young children is far beyond ordinary imagination. The hospital still has a mentality of not giving up and hopes Miracles can happen.

Although the mother of the two sisters has remarried, she has been visiting the two hospitals every day since the car accident. When the mother said that the little sister could laugh and communicate with others, she told her with her eyes that “my hands, feet, and whole body hurt.” She had tears in her eyes at that time. What’s even more regrettable is that February 23rd is my eldest daughter’s birthday. Last year, I took the two sisters to celebrate her birthday after school. We made an appointment at that time to wear their favorite pink tops and go to the same restaurant to celebrate together this year. Unexpectedly, it was just before the birthday. One day there was a car accident.

Now that her two daughters are on the verge of life and death, she keeps calling her daughters’ names in front of the ward, hoping to regain consciousness and hear her two lovely daughters call “Mom” again.


A pedestrian is hit on a no-sidewalk stroad in Hsinchu.

Oh, yeah, the driver was drunk. So, ignore everything wrong about the infrastructure.


Jesus…middle schooler and has broken feet and legs…

Discussion on reddit about the proposed changes if anyone is interested in some more people’s viewpoints on the news.

In other news…when I was out today I came across an uncontrolled crossing that had a pedestrian waiting to cross. I stopped and a couple of people went around me. I started waving my hands to people behind me and eventually people slowed down to let the pedestrian cross.

I was pretty dumbfounded by people who went around me because just about 45-50m ahead is a 50s red light…and they didn’t even filter to the front despite being plenty of space. :person_shrugging:


Clearly the pillar that’s in the middle of the windshield. If there’s not such a pillar, then it’s the A-pillar.


I guess this driver just really wanted a ticket…


Taxi probably won’t get one as the pedestrian was not actually on the pedestrian crossing. The scooter rider likely won’t get one either as they stopped!


At the end it showed that the report for the taxi driver was successful. Maybe depends on the officer with how lenient they are when pedestrians are barely off the crossing.


Hopefully it sticks but I think the taxi will have a fairly strong case to appeal.

So, you’re saying that without a pedestrian, drivers can perform such a U-turn?