How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

It was posted in a Facebook group without a location mentioned. Perhaps it’s a doctored photo, but I’d like to think it’s not.

EDIT: Here is the FB page. I read through some of the comments but no one seems to know where. One person said west Taiwan, another said China, and a few said it looks like AI. This leads me to believe it’s not real.

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It looks too saturated to be real. But the 快跑道 leading to nonstop trees seems about right


Newly renovated sidewalk in Taichung’s North District on JinHua N. Road. At the crossing it feels SIGNIFICANTLY safer as the distance you have to cross has been reduced by 2-3m. Also with sharper turn now required all vehicles must slow down making it safer as well. Who knew, basic design was really super basic and easy. Outer lane also slimmed down and sidewalk made significantly wider. Oh and no vehicles parking the corner blocking both crossings…yet.

Here is how the corner at the intersection was before…

Now it’s like this:

But this is Taiwan, here’s what a looks like just down the road on a section that’s already finished. Tons of illegally parked scooters, just like before they started renovating the sidewalks.

Here’s the location on Google maps starting from the intersection and going East. You can see the differences.


Oh boy…pedestrian hit hard by left turning driver…got popped up in the air.


Love the scooter riding on it!


So…this area near Chung Hsing was on the news recently. 11 lanes you need to cross, 66 meters and 59s to cross. I wonder if this got on the news because I complained about it on some traffic groups as well as other people complaining about this area.

So what is the city govt’s response? Discuss the setting for the crossing time…i.e. how many seconds you get. Not the insanely stupid design. No discussion about the absolutely moronic design of dividing the road up into multiple fast lanes and thus banning white/green plate motorcycles from using the inner lanes and forcing them all to the outside lanes which is for residential access and just having this massively wide road for no reason. There should be no banned scooter lanes in a place like this…I think it’s pretty dumb already considering white plates can already easily hit 60-70 anyways but here it’s extra dumb. Also direct left turns here with dedicated traffic light.

It’s just an unbelievably badly designed area.


Clearly the roads in Taichung are not wide enough to be pedestrian friendly. I’m glad you have an expert working on it already.


Taichung politicians are doing it wrong. They shouldn’t be adjusting the seconds (god forbid they actually look at redesigning this massive mess of an intersection/road). They could instead follow the example of Taipei Deputy Mayor Li Sichuan( 李四川 ) and tell pedestrians to cross faster!


Taiwan could even improve in the Olympic Games.


This happens in South korea

Busan Pedestrian.When a car entered the crosswalk forcefully and almost caused an accident, the pedestrian tapped the car and followed it and reported it to the police.

Holy cow. Saw this SUV parked on a pedestrian crossing today (on the right in the photo):

I pointed it out to that police officer, who said to me (in English, which I guess speaks volumes about my Chinese accent!) “I’ll go get him!”, and rode straight over there and did a siren whoop. I’d assumed he would get them to move a few meters further along, as I didn’t expect he’d go to the trouble of giving a ticket (this is Taichung), but…

…that looks awfully ticket-givey to me! Score one for Taichung Police!

And then minus one for this Taichung traffic police officer who couldn’t walk 12m to do something about this illegal parking. He told me he can’t move from his spot, because his chief told him so! (My accent must have improved by now, he stuck to Chinese.) Either a failure for the officer or for the protocol. Earlier I’d stood with that officer and together we watched a motorcycle ride along the sidewalk:

It was so romantic!


What a fucking joke, look at the position of the tactile pavement compared to the zebra crossing… what could go wrong?


I’m pretty sure the crossings will be redone as well. In other sections of this road last year when they redid the sidewalks they also redid the crossings as well.

From the times I’ve passed through it seems they are trying to get quite the stretch of sidewalk completely renovated here in actually a decent time frame. Although if the project suddenly stopped…it wouldn’t be the first time something was left unfinished.


The point that @zepto is making is that this ostensibly awesome redesign has also figuratively (I hope not literally) thrown disabled persons relying on those tactile markers under the bus. I agree this is sh&t work and possibly noncompliant with existing laws.


Hopefully it’s just the way it comes out in the photo but that sidewwalk looks like it will be a skating rink once it rains!


So convenient!

Are all those scooters illegally parked?! Surely not?!! That dip in the sidewalk for the zebra crossings looks so convenient to mount the sidewalk and buzz up the ramp to what appear to be marked scooter parking spots by the building wall.

They seem to have given up on adding the 3 lines to the zebra crossing for the visually impaired, 太麻煩 I suppose.

In fairness, it is a very decent improvement on what was there before and what still exists in many areas, certainly a step in the right direction, if only enforcement would keep up with the improvements in infrastructure.


It’s as if moving objects don’t count for Taiwanese making left turns.

I think I’ve only seen those 3 tactile lines at a few larger intersections in Taichung. Not sure how common they are.

Not slippery in my experience,

For the part by the bus stop, the gray area is the public sidewalk so that’s illegal but the other part is part of the RT Mart property so it’s “okay”. I remember at this time they were doing work on their scooter parking area, where the two scooters are parked, so it was closed off for a while…after they finished and opened back up their scooter parking I’ve only seen a few scooters illegally parked on the sidewalk there at most, if any, at least when I’ve passed by but probably depends on the time of day…

For the repainting crosswalk part they may also be waiting for some other work to be done on the road first. Things also, seem to be, a little better coordinated these days whereas before sometimes you’d have a redone road and newly painted crosswalk then the next day part of it gets torn up for some work and then you’re left with half a crosswalk for another few weeks…

They may also be planning on moving back the crosswalk and making a pedestrian island. Taichung has been doing that in a few places as well when doing work on intersections this past year or so. They’ve already done that on quite a few parts of this road that they worked on last year so I suspect they will do it here as well.

Down the road here’s what one looks like now.


Enforcement is a whole nother issue though. Taichung (and I think some other cities as well) if I understand correctly has a special rule that allows parking for motorcycles on sidewalks as long as it’s 3+ meters wide and still has space for pedestrians and other motorcycles to pass through unless there is a sign that says otherwise :man_facepalming:

Here’s a story about a case end of last month. B-pillar excuse. This has to be some kind of mistake or typo…but it seems that’s what the driver said…

Man in his 70s going to pick up his grandchild from school was hit by a left turning driver. The man suffered serious head injuries which resulted in brain damage and loss of speech. The driver said he didn’t see the pedestrian because of the B-pillar


B, as in
Ban left turns!


Or B, as in



Truck driver crosses into oncoming traffic lane to try and beat oncoming traffic to make a left turn and there are pedestrians crossing…

Fortunately he stopped last second, but the amount of recklessness and lack of care for other people’s lives is astounding.