How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

I have 0 hope things like this will get better. I think people will become even more inconsiderate. Like if the generation who didn’t grow up staring at phones while walking does this, imagine what the next generations will do.


Police are unlikely to fine them, even if you call it in and it cannot be reported under the whistleblower system as the red line is top trumps and whistleblowers can no longer report red line offences!


In China, drivers intentionally drive the wrong way down a one way street, park or drive on the sidewalk and other selfish things. Getting others to change is an exercise plan in futility. As a foreigner whom some Chinese would like to hit, you need to be vigilant

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You mean, the Republic of?

They should bring back the ability of the public to take and send in pictures of illegal driving. They did that a few years ago but stopped it.


Must have been very troublesome and disheartening for the poor police, being overwhelmed with more evidence of lawbreaking than they could ever possibly process


You still could for certain offenses, but sometimes even the things that are allowed to be reported online get rejected for silly reasons. After losing face to CNN they are bringing back a few more categories to allow people to report them again online with pictures/videos.


Exactly, they never anticipated the amount of evidence that flooded in. That might have declined a bit if they had carried on with it. It’s not really an election vote winner though

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Great news. The categories that cause the most fatalities should be prioritized in my view

New Lalaport Outlet opened near downtown Taichung this week, lets go for a wa…

Brand new area/development, same old problems.


It still ongoing, was never stopped. The initial payments for reported were stopped for a variety of (good) reasons, last year there was some limitations put on the types of offences that could be reported however the program is still very much in place and very successful.

In zhonghe the street it as big as this sidewalk but same amount of scooters parked.

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I keep crossing the road on bike, and having to ride right in front of turning cars to force them to yield to me. Feel like I’m going to hit one soon.
The thing is, the crossing light runs down, if I yield to turning cars I’m going to be stuck in the middle of the road like a prick while the traffic starts coming at me, so I refuse to.

I mean mainland

Let’s hope the 行人地獄 slogan can, finally, change things for the better.


The problem with this is that scooters have access to parking via a sidewalk, not directly on the road.


Those all happen here, too!

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Give it a week, a few complaints and it’ll be back to 免費停車天堂


For some reason they just love putting parking spaces on the sidewalks, even when they have the room/chance to do better. Even though you’re not really allowed to drive on the sidewalk, the reality is that putting them there means people will drive on the sidewalk and there will be conflict between scooter and pedestrian.

For example this type of design…no parking on the sidewalk allowed except for the parking spots they put there…thus defeating the whole purpose of no parking on the sidewalks.


its also because there are way too many scooters and not much space. And honestly, this approach would not be so bad if the sidewalk was big enough to still have space for people to walk and scooters dont spend so much time looking for a spot WHILE driving on the sidewalk.

The worse is when there are 10 scooters on a space meant for 5 because there are no spacings and people just park it in any orientation making a big mess and crowding the whole sidewalk.