How do we make drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks?

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What does this mean?

I remember when I first moved here over 30 years ago I was told you cannot drive motorbike on the sidewalk but you can walk it to the parking space. I had a few friends that did do that back in the day and probably still do. Of course we know that is not the norm


Hard to believe this is in Taiwan.


I don’t doubt it’s safer than the usual design here, but I still find it atrocious. So much space for cars, actually so much space for everything (except for a roundabout.) This sprawling makes cities less walkable because everything is farther away than it should be.

Bicycles are clearly given the leftovers of all that space, and they have to share it with pedestrians. That chicane with bicycles and pedestrians, yeah, I want to see how it goes.

It doesn’t discourage high speeds. On the contrary with all that space. No roundabout, no elevated crosswalks…

I don’t know. In other areas, they don’t mind to blatantly copy others. Not here, maybe with the exception of copying the USA. What a good choice!


In my experience, people don’t turn corners like that here. Draw a straight line from where they start to where they are going. Lines painted on the road are for decoration


At least, if they are turning, they have to reduce speed. Nothing in this design discourages crossing it at high speed.

Meh, a skilled driver can take corners at speed. Not something i do in the city

What i see in the city is unskillled drivers taking corners at speed, unable to keep between those decorative lines on road


In Taiwan too many people still wait for vehicles to pass, this way drivers never learn.

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The alternative can be a painful learning experience.

The net result is a Mexican standoff where nobody knows what to do. It’s what happens when rules aren’t taught/enforced/followed


How about speed bumps like in the UK? Sleeping policemen as they are known. That would slow bikes down but not off road type vehicles.
Place them around 12 feet before pedestrian crossings.


Good idea



Will people be able to cross it in one go or will they have to wait on the island? because the crossing time is too short? how about just make the crossing time longer and ban turning while crossing then they don’t need to build anything.

I do like that it puts more emphasis on the pedestrian crossing though. I feel like that would encourage drivers to stay out of it.

I was catching up with my wife and child because I had to come back home to pick up some stuff I forgot. They turned left towards a narrow arcade of a newer building that is also used by damn scooters to park (there’s a supermarket) and a scooter (man, woman, child) jumped to the sidewalk to park there. I immediately increased my walking speed. The idiot was driving his scooter just behind my child. I overtook the scooter lightly hitting the rearview mirror (what I really wanted was to punch his stupid face) while saying in Chinese “you can wait a moment”. Then said “this is also a little kid”. The use of 這個 was intended because he was seeing my child just as an obstacle and a delay.

He just nodded his head in the classic sorry not so sorry gesture.

Really wanted to crash his head against the wall.


This behavior is infuriating


I view it as a passive aggressive version of “What are you gonna do about it?”. Smarter and more effective, because if you respond you’re the bad guy.

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Keep filming it and uploading it , is the best way. You’d think enough parents had lost their children in traffic accidents to have caused an uproar and protests , but no …


Can someone help me understand why do these broken zebra-crossings place the vulnerable halfs (vulnerable to turning traffic) closer to the intersection instead of further away? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Shouldn’t the pedestrians crossing along right-turning do so further away from the intersection, naturally leaving space for turning traffic to wait for them without bothering straight-moving traffic?
What is all the empty space behind the left-turning scooters boxes supposed to be useful for?

I feel I’m missing something because it’s not the first time I see these split zebras designed this way.


Likely design compromise to accommodate turning space for scooters from the left? Or maybe it just looked cute?

You’re overthinking it. It’s Taiwan.