How do you ask a girl out?

Asking for a friend. He’s kinda awkward and a bit of a loser when he comes to girls but he’s a nice guy. He’s an aussie, and he has this coworker at this buxiban that he fancies. She seems nice albeit kinda shy, like him. Sometimes he thinks she is nice to him and other times thinks not. It may be because she is a shy person. Anyway, he wants to ask her out, but he’s only done it a few times in his life, and they’ve all ended it failure. At this point in his life he can deal with that; but since it is his place of work that would create extra problems, so he’s not sure what he should do. Any suggestions?

your friend wants to date a female car or motorcycle?


I would personally not date a co worker unless you have extremely strong feelings and you’ve both been into each other for a while at work.


First, why is this in ‘Cars & Motorcycles’? :joy:

Okay on to the real question, you need confidence. There’s no secret pick-up line or skill involved. You just have to believe in yourself, because if you don’t she won’t believe in you either. Invite her to see a movie or ask her out to dinner. Be chill. Don’t come off as too desperate or too detached; find a balance. Think of some interesting topics to talk about over the dinner. Show some interest, but let her reciprocate before showing too much. Go as fast or as slow as she’s comfortable with.

Really, dude. This isn’t rocket science. Especially in Taiwan. And if she says “no”, the worst that happens is your life continues as status quo. Tell your buddy to grow a pair and just ask her out. As for not dating co-workers, my friend married his cramschool co-teacher and it seems to have worked out for him.


Well we’re all looking for a good ride innit
He has no idea how he can know whether she has been into him or not is one problem.
my friend will reply to the rest later

Come on now…

I actually agree with Andrew here. Not a good idea unless it’s abundantly clear that you’re both really digging each other, and have been for quite a while.

tell him to take her 逛街’ing, and than have him walk her up and down a local 7-Eleven’s aisles.

whats there to ask? this is taiwan. get her line. start messaging on line. if shes chatting back ask her to dinner or what not. it ain’t complicated.


This is definitely a safer way of testing the waters rather than asking directly, if you absolutely cannot get a read on whether or not she likes you.

Solved , this is the perfect advice. Like if you can’t do this just forget about it and wait for robots to get to uncanny valley.


You’ve never asked anyone out back in Australia?

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He had the balls to move to a foreign country where the language is not English but he’s afraid to ask a bird out on a date? Strange.

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The internet has some great pickup lines he can use!

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So basically like everyone else in the course of human history who has ever asked anyone out? It’s called “taking a chance” for a reason. I’m sure if your friend observed closely, he could see some signs though.

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Something to add to your 2029 prediction thread, eh. :wink:

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Find something in common or something really famous and interesting.

Random conversations ask question like did you see that movie or have you heard about this festival or have you been to ximenting?

When one of those matches an opportunity then suggest maybe we can go together.

Better chance of yes if it’s something really exciting or interesting or new.

Or just has a question, do you want to go for dinner or coffee?

See, you have a sense of humor. Girls like that (and some like it even more than good looks). It’s really just a matter of jumping in the deep end. She’s probably more nervous than you are. “Hey, wanna get coffee sometime?” It’s as simple as that.

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“get the fuck out of here, bitch!”

Or maybe I didn’t understand the question…

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Just ask if they want to grab some food with you. The simpler the better for most people.

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Agreed. It’s also a great way to figure out if you like the same things. Note that contrary to popular belief McDonalds is not considered an appropriate first date venue by the majority of Taiwanese women (my wife included).