How do you buy socks?

Seriously, trying to find two that match, and then making sure that they’re not both for your left foot or something. So much work. Why don’t they come in pairs or something?

Buy low, sell high. That way, you can’t go wrong.

I do it online. It’s fast and convenient, with a low transaction charge.

But I’d think carefully about making a purchase now; the economy looks very bleak for the foreseeable future.

Just use Stray Dog’s used underwear - if you look under your pillow you should find some.

How to Buy Socks That Are Good for Your Feet

Many people do not know that socks today are not just hosiery made of simple cloth. Some socks are designed to cushion impacts, protect joints, and ease pain; some wick moisture to keep feet cool and dry; and some even control odor and resist bacteria.

  1. Look for socks with full cushion sole support. This is very important, as it provides cushion every time you step, softening impact and reducing stress on the heels, thereby leaving your feet less tired at the end of the day.
  2. Notice sock sizes. Just like shirts, socks come in different sizes and shapes, and though they may stretch somewhat, one-size socks often fit poorly and are a common cause of blistering. If you can feel your sock move up and down your leg, it’s causing abrasion. A good brand of socks will offer at least four sizes.
  3. Look for arch supports and Y-heel pockets. These allow the sock to grab the arch of the foot, giving a snug feeling. The arch support also helps prevent the sock from bunching up.
  4. Look for a high needle count (high density). Denser socks wick more moisture and provide cushion for a longer period of time. They support the feet better, and they often last longer.
  5. Find socks that can resist abrasion, or they will wear out quickly. Look for socks with reinforced heels and toes, as these are the areas that wear out the fastest.

* Most foot care problems are caused by improperly fitted shoes or bad socks. Tired feet syndrome, foot odor, and blistering can all be prevented with a pair of high quality socks.

:astonished: I knew someone was stealing my underwear, but to discover it was some kind of undies fairy who leaves them under pillows - and that that fairy is cfimages - is gonna take some getting over! I need a cup of tea …

My favorite method is to run barefoot into the store at five minutes to closing, waving money in the air and yelling, “Buy! Buy! Buy!”

Oh no!

The chief already used the sock joke in bob’s stocks thread before I started this one (though I only just found out). Therefore, this joke is no longer original and this thread is a failure.

I apologise to the chief and all others that may have been offended, or not laughed the second time around.

I am currently punishing myself by whipping myself on the back with whipping cream.

Just change it to, how do you buy sacks?

Que es?

You have to quit falling for the half off sales!

Go to Sacks Fifth Avenue.

Isn’t there some famous sacks company? Goldman, maybe?

Hurry before the bottom falls out.

I’d buy shoes first. They’re leather things you put on to your feet. You’ll find them in England or Scotland. Probably haven’t reached Ireland yet though. Check out my avatar.

Seems like pants haven’t reached you either…

I invested heavily in socks. I tried to launder my money but my socks tended to lose 50% in value. Dunno where that 50% goes. Can any economists/sock brokers explain?