How do you calculate the 183 days for APRC?

I have ARC since the end of February of 2018. I know that in order to obtain APRC after 5 years it’s necessary to spend at least 183 days in the country each year.

Since when are those days calculated? From end of February 2018 till end of February 2019 or they start from January so basically ‘I lost a month’?

Probably after every arrival and departure.

No they don’t have to be continuous days. They have to be over the year.

What did I say, each arrival and departure will be filed and stay will be counted in a calendar year.

Oh ok so I understand. You mean it’s in a calendar year so I have to do the 183 days within the end of February 2019 since I have the ARC since end of February 2018

I think they average it over 3-5 years? It’s on the immigration website. Just look it up.

183 in the year. If you receive ARC in June for example, you have to stay until the end of the year. It counts from January to December of any year regardless of when you received your ARC.

What if you came in for example September? Would your 3 year count only start the next January?


Seems like a strange way of doing things. Do you have a source?

I have been year for over a decade and this is how the NIA informs me every time call them. It is just like tax year, even though you file in April it only counts Jan 1st to Dec 31.
You can always call the NIA and double check.

That sucks for people who come in July then, they pretty much have to wait 3.5 years instead.

Is this the same for naturalisation?

I don’t know about naturalization. After knowing the process that I had give up my passport I never really bothered asking much about becoming an ROC citizen.

It’s 5 years for APRC, not 3. Ok I understand it’s on the yearly basis so basically every ARC received after June will not ‘concur to the APRC count’ for the year it has been recived. Correct?

If I’m understanding Owleyes’ reply properly, then yes.

It was for 5 or 7 years before your application date, so the starting date was different for each applicant (for APRC).

Starting date is different for each applicant, meaning you can apply earlier or later than others. However when you go to the criteria of 183 days per year it will make a difference whether you started on February or September as the officers still count on tax year basis.
Note that the 183 part does not have to be consectutive days.

It has nothing to do with when you got your ARC, it has to do with when you arrived and departed the island while having an ARC.

Government Immigration handbook

I don’t know if you get the question. It has to do about when you get the ARC as user owleyes mentioned above.

If you get the ARC at the end of August you can stay even until end of December continuously in Taiwan but those 5 months will not count as your first year in taiwan. Even not at the end of January.

You have to stay for 183 days from the 1st of January of next year until the end of December of next year.

I understand but if you have an ARC and you go in January and come back in August you don’t have 183 days either. It’s a combination, they log your arrival and departures, just ask them for the file and they will tell you if you’re within the limits.