How do you change jobs?

Actually a 2 part question. My ARC actually runs out in a week or so and my school is currently reapplying.

I’m wondering the best way to go about this in general.

and also…

How do you go about doing it when you dont want to give your school the 2 month or so notice period thats in the contract?

  • someone died back home and youre leaving (but not really) is all I can think of currently.
  • Im just going to leave because its too good an oppurtunity to pass up and im not getting enough hours here…?

Thoughts / experiences appreciated. The real reason is that after winter vacation classes end my hours are going to go pretty low down the tube an i wont be able to really survive. Maybe thats good enough…but something tells me not really.

I would suggest trying to do both jobs. You can add a second and even a third onto your ARC. Your presnt employer might be willing to cooperate in adding the new job, assuming you don’t have to move to take the new position.