How do you commute to other cities?

how do you commute to other cities?

  • Scooter
  • Car
  • Airplane
  • Bus
  • Normal Train
  • HIGHSPEED train
  • Boat?
  • I usually use a combination of the above

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I usually take the bus to Taipei because it’s the cheapest. Although I took the bus today, from Taipei to Taizhong and the bus reeked like urine. Damn it. Not to mention the crazy lady charged everyone 245 Taiwanese bucks (I looked at other people’s tickets) and i asked her why it was so expensive. Her explanation was that there were no specials until after 12:00. That didn’t make sense because it was monday morning, and I had taken the same bus a week before for half the cost (120 TW). The bus system just doesn’t make sense sometimes.

I still don’t get why the prices were different. It seems like the price is so arbitrary.

Edit: Bummer I should have put Taxi’s in there. Don’t know how to edit a poll

Plush seats or no, the crazy drivers have driven me from the buses.
(One bastard actually got a ticket on my way to the airport, causing me to miss my plane.)
I’ll take the train to Taoyuan (if I must), but anywhere further, it’s definitely high speed rail.


Don’t like buses at the best of times. I did a couple of 20+ hour bus rides in India the first time I traveled there and that was enough for me for buses. So now it’s train wherever possible - high speed if it’s between Taizhong and Taipei/Kaohsiung, regular Tze Chiang or Chu Kuang express everywhere else.

Doesn’t commuting mean that you make the trip every working day?

I travel back & forth (regularly) between cities via scooter or car.

Train. There are no passenger trains where I come from, so, I still enjoy the novelty. They are fast, reliable, and relatively clean.

Between taxis and trains, you can get practically anywhere.

Motorbike, car or high speed railway. Don’t have a deathwish, so I stay off those buses.

For the big cities (Taizhong, Tainan, Gaoxiong) and Yilan (since now you can take a bus through the Snow Mountain Tunnel), I’m all about the bus. Cheaper, faster than the regular trains, more places you can get on and off (i.e. you’re able to get off somewhere near your destination, rather than in a podunk town an hour outside of the city, like with the high-speed rail.)

As to people complaining about the safety of the buses here, yeah, I’m sure you can find plenty of Youtube videos of bus drivers eating biandangs or taking naps while at the wheel, but I still believe that ANY form of motorized two-wheeled transport is a couple of orders of magnitude more dangerous.

I’m a little hungry. I think I’ll commute down to Subway for some lunch.

Car or motorcycle…I don’t do public transportation.